Microwave ovens are an all-rounder investment. You can heat, cook, and sometimes even bake food with them.


But when you find yourself in a bind with your microwave — such as when it only makes a buzzing noise or it won’t heat up at all — you might realize fixing them up isn’t as simple as making them work.


It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it, though.


Our guides elaborate on common issues your microwave can encounter, so you can look to them for both a solution for your microwave’s errors and for preventive measures for a more smooth-sailing kitchen experience.


Our guides don’t stop with just step-by-step troubleshooting — you can also find aesthetic solutions here, like choosing an ideal location you can vent your microwave on!


So whether it’s revving your microwave back up or making it smell brand new again, you’ll find all the answers you need in our guides.