How to Silence a Samsung Microwave

How to Silence a Samsung Microwave

Beeping is a normal function in your Samsung microwave. Although it gives you important reminders, such as when your microwave is done cooking or when you still have food inside, the beeping noises can get too loud at times.

Depending on your Samsung microwave, you might be able to mute it. With a few taps of a button, you can silence the loud beeps for good.

We’ll show you how to activate the mute function on different Samsung models. Just look for your microwave below to find out how to stop the beeps.

Why does my Samsung microwave beep?

Your Samsung microwave beeps when it’s done cooking or when food is still inside. It may also beep when you place a timer or when the door isn’t closed all the way.

In some cases, a microwave continuously beeps to alert you of errors that may cause your unit to malfunction. 

How to Silence a Samsung Microwave

To silence a Samsung microwave’s loud beeping, power cycle it first. Plug it back in after 60 seconds.

Microwave a cup of water for a few seconds. Click Stop/Clear once you hear the chime.

Press the Sound ON/OFF button until your display says OFF. Then, confirm the change by pressing the START button.

How to Silence a Samsung Microwave

Other Samsung microwaves don’t have a Sound ON/OFF button. Instead, you’ll have to press a different button combination to mute your unit.

Unfortunately, not all Samsung microwaves have a mute function. If you own any of the following models, you most likely can’t silence your microwave’s loud beeping noises.

  • Samsung SMH1611
  • Samsung MW830WA
  • Samsung ME16H702SES
  • Samsung ME16K3000AS
  • Samsung ME17R7021ES
  • Samsung ME17R7021EW/AC

Samsung Microwave US Models 

Not all Samsung microwave models in the US are made equal. Although most models have a dedicated sound button for muting the beeping noise, others don’t.

However, you can still mute your microwave’s beeps by pressing a specific button combination. We’ll show you what buttons to press to turn off the beeping noise on different Samsung microwave US models.

Samsung Microwave ModelMute Function
Samsung MG11T5018CCPress both < and > buttons simultaneously. If you want to turn it back on, press and hold the < and > buttons at the same time.
Samsung ME18H704SFSSelect the Options button.
Tap on the number 3 to change the sound settings. Then, click on the number 2 to mute the beeping.
Press the Enter/Start button to confirm the change.
Samsung MG11H2020CT, Samsung MS14K6000ASPress the Sound button until OFF appears on the display.
Click on the Start button to confirm your choice.

Samsung Microwave UK Models 

On most European models, you can mute your Samsung microwave by pressing the Start and Stop buttons for a few seconds. There might be slight variations depending on your model.

Look for your Samsung microwave model below, and we’ll show you how to disable the beeping function.

Samsung Microwave ModelMute Function
Samsung MC28H5013ASPress the Start button and STOP/ECO button at the same time to mute your microwave’s beeping.
Samsung MCS28M6055CPress and hold the STOP/ECO button and the Microwave button for a few seconds. Wait until the indicator light blinks OFF.
Samsung MS23F301TASPress the Start and Stop buttons simultaneously until it says OFF on your display.
Samsung MS23K3513AKPress the Down and STOP/ECO buttons at the same time.
Samsung MS23K3515AKPress the Child Lock and STOP/ECO buttons to mute your microwave.

Looking for Hidden Functions

If you can’t find a sound button on your microwave, you might want to try looking for hidden functions. Although rare for Samsung microwaves, it might be worth a shot.

Here are different buttons that might turn off your microwave’s beeps.

  • Press 0: Press and hold the “0” button and check if it activates your microwave’s silent mode.
  • Press 1: Try pressing the “1” button for a few seconds to see if it turns on a hidden mute function.
  • Press Start and Stop: Typically, Samsung uses button combinations to activate its microwave functions. You can try pressing Start and Stop buttons simultaneously.
Quick Note:

If none of these button combinations work, check your user manual. You can confirm if your Samsung microwave model has a mute function and find out how to turn it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to open the microwave before it beeps?

Opening the microwave door before it beeps isn’t dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t putting yourself at risk of radiation exposure when you open the door.

However, reaching inside your microwave too soon and touching hot plates may lead to minor burns and scalding injuries.

Why does my Samsung microwave keep beeping when not in use?

Your Samsung microwave keeps on beeping because of an internal glitch or a sensor error. To fix this, unplug your microwave for 60 seconds and plug it back in.

To reset the sensor, run your microwave. Mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of sugar and microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds.

How to Stop Your Samsung Microwave from Beeping When Not in Use

If a Samsung microwave continuously beeps when no one is using it, try power cycling it first. 

Unplug it for a least 60 seconds to get rid of residual power. Then, plug your microwave back in. 

Power cycling should reset your microwave and stop the beeping glitch. If it doesn’t, call a professional.

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