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Your go-to website for comprehensive guides on appliance repair.

A dishwasher that’s making noise, a washer that won’t drain, a dryer that isn’t spinning.

All of these appliance issues are often caused by minor issues that you can easily address without having to call in an expert.

But that’s only if you have comprehensive and clear instructions on how to troubleshoot them.

That’s where we DIY geeks come in. Appliance Geeked is a website that shares comprehensive guides on appliance repair.

We are dedicated to helping people fix their appliances without having to spend a fortune on repairs. Our guides are easy to follow, and we provide all the information you need to get your appliance up and running again.

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Meet your appliance geeks.

Scott Flint
Scott Flint
Contibuting Editor
A licensed and insured handyman as well as the owner of a repair company, Scott has seen and worked on just about everything. While he got his start in a different field, actually hailing from a culinary studies background, he eventually found his way to his real love in life, which is fiddling with gadgets and engineering of all kinds. Today, he has more than 30 years of appliance repair to his name, as well as several decades of experience in everything from electrical down to carpentry work. Regularly in demand, he’s most often out in the field but occasionally takes time to write pieces for us and help out our readers the way he does his clients.
Matt Kerr
Matt Kerr
Co-founder, Fact-checker
Matt Kerr was a curious boy, described by his parents as inquisitive and philosophical. Even at a young age, he loved taking things apart to learn how to put them back together. This is what led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  After receiving his diploma in 2006, Matt went on to work as an Electrical Engineer for a solar company. Five years later, he received a promotion to Chief Engineering Officer. In 2018, however, Matt left to start his own appliance repair company in Edmonton.  After over five years in the business, Matt noticed that a lot of his clients had appliance problems they could easily repair themselves – but didn’t know how to. To that end, he built the Appliance Geeked website to share his technical knowledge and help homeowners tackle their appliance repairs themselves and ultimately, save up on professional repair fees.
Garrik Amirov
Garrik Amirov
Fact Checker
Garrik Amirov is a licensed electrician with 14 years of experience, as well as a professional technical support & drilling fluids engineer. He got his Bachelor's in Petroleum Engineering (2005-2009) and Master's (2005-2010) as a Drilling Engineer from the Kuban State University of Technology. He also served as an Offshore Mechanic Engineer for M-I SWACO in 2008. From there, he served as an engineer for Schlumberger for over 5 years, even working as a project engineer for some time. He made the switch to his other interest, consumer product repair, in 2016, acting as a senior technical specialist for Express Appliance Repair before moving on to become the director of Techvill Appliance Repair ltd. This vast experience in the field of engineering and technology and knowledge of home appliances makes Garrik the perfect person to fact-check all our guides here at Appliance Geeked. Through his undoubted expertise, he makes sure that every reader finds the best and most effective solutions to their appliance problems.
Anne Marie Dilag Bantigue
Anne Marie Dilag Bantigue
Anne Marie Dilag Bantigue was always a curious child. She loved to explore, learn new things, and figure out how things worked. Her parents encouraged her curiosity, and she grew up to be a registered nurse, mental health advocate, and widely published writer. Her interests all relate to her love of taking things apart to see how they work, then putting them back together again. For as long as she can remember, she has been tinkering with her own household appliances, learning how to repair broken dishwashers and the like. Now, she writes for Appliance Geeked, demonstrating her knowledge about home appliances and helping people all over the world access guides to DIY their appliance repairs.