Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ Dishwasher Review

Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ Dishwasher Review

Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ dishwasher is an affordable luxury that cleans and dries well—but with the drawback that it can get pretty loud.

If you can overlook the noise, you get strong cleaning performance that can eliminate nearly all kinds of food residue after every wash. But with its limited space and lack of flexibility, it’s best for small households only.

Now a discontinued model, Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ has been replaced with more modern iterations with advanced features. It’s not the right choice for you if you’re looking for smart features.

Due to its limited availability, the entry-level Bosch dishwashers are a great alternative for this discontinued model.

Keep reading to learn more about the Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ dishwasher,

How We Reviewed the Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ 

Whirlpool is one of the most trusted manufacturers of appliances. As you can expect from a household name, it has a wide range of products with varying features and functionalities.

To help you figure out if the unit matches your household’s dishwashing needs, we have put together this guide. We’ve sorted through all the clutter so you won’t have to.

We rated the Whirlpool WDT710PAH based on its cleaning and drying performance, range of operations, loading versatility, and reliability. We do not own a machine, and we did not conduct actual tests to assess it.

Instead, we perused thousands of customer reviews and ratings from Best Buy, AJ Madison, and other appliance retailers to gauge how well the dishwasher performs in a day-to-day setting.

Moreover, we read independent reviews conducted by USA Today, Dishwasher Exp, and more to identify what sets it apart from the competition. Such data also guided our evaluation of the dishwasher.

Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ Specs

Dimensions33-1/2” x 23-7/8” x 27-1/2”
Net Weight54 lbs.
Noise Level51 dBA
Wash CyclesNormal, Heavy, Soak & Clean, Sensor and 1-Hour Wash, 
Tub MaterialPlastic
Number of Racks
Number of Place Settings13
Installation TypeBuilt-In
Location of ControlsTop, Hidden
Energy Star CertificationYes

The WhirlpoolWDT710PAHZ is an entry-level dishwasher with reliable cleaning and drying power. 

Its dual-rack design comes with a 13-place setting that can fit a limited amount of dishes, making it ideal for small households. Its racks have no adjustable tines, so they also can’t fit a wide array of dishes in a single load. 

Another feature that it lacks is the Delay Start, which allows users to start cycles at a later time when the hot water usage isn’t in demand. Since this is quite a useful feature to have, it might be a dealbreaker for busier households.

The upside is that the dishwasher can clean dishes effectively thanks to smart sensors that determine the soil level of the dishes and adjust the settings to meet the cleaning needs.

Using its 1-hour wash cycle, it can clean the dirtiest loads within an hour. However, its noise levels may reach up to 51 dBA during normal operations due to its plastic tub.

For context, it’s as loud as a normal conversation. Depending on the size of your kitchen or your household, neighbors might hear the dishwasher when it’s operating, so it’s best to use it during the day.

Despite its limited space or features, it makes up for it in terms of cleaning power, which is up to par with higher-end dishwashers. Just based on its performance of the core function, it offers good value for its price.

Our Overall Rating: 7.6/10

Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ is an affordable luxury. With its cleaning and drying performance rivaling higher-end models, we recommend it to households looking for a reliable entry-level dishwasher that won’t break the bank.

Here’s a summary of how we evaluated Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ dishwasher.

Cleaning performance

We rated the dishwasher’s cleaning performance based on its ability to get rid of tough stains, ranging from baked-on gunk, greasy sauces, leafy greens, and dried-on starches.

Drying performance

In assessing the drying performance of the dishwasher, we looked at its ability to dry glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic items. We also considered the tub layout and material, which influence its drying power.


We evaluated the dishwasher’s range of operations by identifying all its features and functionalities. Then, we compared it to similar-priced models from Whirlpool and other brands. 

We read independent reviews from experts like USA Today and Dishwasher Exp to help in our assessment.

Loading flexibility

We scrutinized the layout and rack design of the dishwasher. From the rack’s rails and compartments to its tines, we checked every detail to gauge the loading opportunities the dishwasher offers.


To understand the reliability of the dishwasher, we went over thousands of customer reviews and ratings. We took note of the most common complaints, malfunctions, and the level of difficulty of the repairs.

The quality of Whirlpool’s customer support services also affected our rating for the dishwasher’s reliability.

What do experts say?

It doesn’t have much space, but it does clean well.

Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ is a strong cleaner that can wash off most stains with little to no redeposits, especially if the filter is well-maintained. Except for some leafy greens, it can get rid of any gunk and deliver sparkling clean dishes after every wash.

One of its biggest caveats is the rack design. Although it’s easy to use, it doesn’t offer much space or flexibility, which limits the range of dishes that can be accommodated in the racks in a single load.

Thus, this dishwasher isn’t the best choice for larger households that have to clean up piles of dishes each meal.

Although some similar-priced models have three racks and more versatile loading opportunities, this can be overlooked because the dishwasher’s cleaning power is as good as higher-end models.

The downside to its consistent cleaning performance is the noise, which might wake up the neighbors. You can, however, work around this flaw by operating the dishwasher during the day instead of at night to prevent any disturbances. 

It has decent drying performance.

The dishwasher can deliver decent drying performance despite its plastic tub and lack of a third rack, which are all factors that promote better drying. As recommended by Whirlpool, a little bit of Rinse Aid can boost the drying power of the dishwasher.

Although it does quite a good job at drying metals, glasses, and ceramics, it can’t fully dry plastic containers and other items. On the other hand, this is a very common problem, which even high-end dishwashers have yet to perfect.

For this reason, we don’t think it’s a dealbreaker. We still think it’s a good budget-friendly choice because it can deliver consistent cleaning results.

It has limited space and loading opportunities.

Both of the dishwasher’s racks have limited space and adaptability. The upper rack can fold, allowing users to wash espresso cups and shot glasses along with regular-sized glasses.

Unfortunately, all of the tines on the racks aren’t adjustable. Thus, it can be tricky to fit larger items like baking dishes and mixing bowls.

One unique feature in its design is the door-mounted utensil rack. It allows users to save space on the lower rack for larger items, but it can be quite tedious to load as you have to bend down each time.

The utensil basket can be removed and placed on the lower rack. However, it will take up much-needed space for plates and it will not be as secure during the wash cycle.

As we’ve mentioned in previous reviews, one of the best ways to overcome such design flaws is to go to showrooms and ask retailers for assistance. 

If the Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ is still available in your area, this can help you familiarize its layout, which should make loading and unloading a lot easier.

What do customers say?

  • As long as the filter is maintained well, this dishwasher will clean the toughest stains off the plates after every wash.
  • It may struggle to filter out heavy-soiled loads, especially when the plates are smeared with leafy greens. To promote better cleaning, scrape the larger chunks of food scraps off the plates.
  • It delivers decent drying performance. It can fully dry metal, glass, and ceramic items, but like most dishwashers on the market, it can’t thoroughly dry plastics.
  • With a noise level measuring 51 dBA, it’s loud, even for an entry-level dishwasher.
  • The top-mount control panel gives the dishwasher a sleek, professional look, which should fit modern kitchens.

Summary of Reviews 

Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ is an affordable and user-friendly dishwasher with a cleaning performance that parallels models that cost twice as much. 

The downside is that it can’t clean a lot of dishes due to its small capacity and inflexible rack design. Since it can’t fit a wide range of cookware or tableware in a single load, it’s ideal for smaller households.

Despite being discontinued by Whirlpool, an overwhelming majority of its customer reviews were positive, praising its clean, sleek appearance and reliable cleaning performance.

Pros and Cons 


  • Has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel facade
  • Has strong cleaning and decent drying performance
  • Cleans the dirtiest loads within an hour with 1-hour cycle


  • Only has 2 racks
  • Has a plastic tub
  • Not very quiet



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