Miele G5000 Dishwasher Series: Is it worth it?

Miele G5000 Dishwasher Series Is it worth it

Miele’s G5000 series is its newest line of entry-level dishwashers, replacing the G4000 series. Now offering faster wash cycles, cutting-edge drying solutions, and standout rack designs, these dishwashers can make clean-ups quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Not only does Miele’s G5000 dishwasher series have the same look as its higher-end G7000 series but it also has the same advanced features.

If you want the high-end features for a more affordable price, the Miele G5000 dishwasher series is an excellent choice. However, if you want all the top-tier features that the brand has to offer, the higher-end G7000 series is a better option.

Bosch’s higher-end dishwashers are more accessible than Miele’s, but you might prefer this series more for its incredible features.

Keep on reading to learn more about the Miele G 5000 series.

How We Reviewed the Miele G 5000 Series

The Miele G5000 is one of the best high-end dishwasher series out there. From its MultiFlex 3D cutlery tray to its Auto Open function, it can deliver fast, consistent cleaning cycles sans the usual frustration of loading and unloading dishes.

To help you determine if Miele’s G5000 dishwashers fit your budget and lifestyle, we reviewed and rated the series based on the following factors: cleaning and drying performance, loading flexibility, range of operations, and reliability.

Here at ApplianceGeeked, we spent weeks doing extensive research on the series so you don’t have to. We do not own a Miele G5000 and didn’t perform actual tests for our evaluation. 

Instead, we gathered customer reviews and ratings from Miele, AJ Madison, and other retailers to gauge customer satisfaction and identify the most common frustrations.

We also referred to independent research conducted by USA Today, Designer Appliances, Wirecutter, and past reviews on ApplianceGeeked. Such data helped us compare Miele’s G5000 series with other similar-priced dishwashers.

Miele G5000 Dishwasher Specs

ModelsG5006, G5056, and G5266
Dimensions23.56″ (W) x 33.69” (H) x 22.44” (D) 
Net Weight54.5 kg
Noise Level46 dBA
Control TypeControl Panel with 3-digit 7-segment display
Wash CyclesQuick Power Wash, Eco, Automatic, Intensive, and Gentle
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Number of Racks
Number of Place Settings14
Installation TypeFreestanding and Integrated
Location of ControlsTop, Hidden Controls

Miele’s G5000 dishwasher series has three models: the G5006, G5056, and G5266. All of the dishwashers offer stainless steel interiors, user-friendly rack designs, and excellent wash quality for an affordable price.

The dishwashers come in freestanding and built-in designs. While the former allows a wide range of positioning options, the latter can be incorporated seamlessly into any kitchen setup.

One of the best things about the new series is its state-of-the-art features, which were only previously available on Miele’s premium dishwashers. 

For less, homeowners can get convenient, and powerful cleaning features like the QuickIntense Wash Cycle. It will come in handy during those busy days because it can clean heavy-soiled dishes in under 58 minutes. 

All models in the series have a MultiFlex cutlery tray, which is a very flexible upper tray that can free up valuable space in the lower rack to accommodate larger items.

Like other Miele series, the higher the model is in the lineup, the more advanced their features are. The G5266 dishwasher, for example, has a water softener and an Auto Open Door function, while the base models have neither of these features. 

The AutoOpen Door function is an energy-efficient yet effective solution to drying problems, which we commonly see in dishwashers across various price ranges.

Our Overall Rating: 8.8/10

The Miele G5000 series is a sight to behold as it combines high-end features with intuitive design. It has a consistent cleaning performance, a solid mix of useful features, and incredible value for its price.

Here’s a summary of how we evaluated the G5000 Miele dishwasher series.

Cleaning performance

We rated the dishwasher’s cleaning power based on its ability to get rid of the toughest stains containing starch, grease, proteins, and leafy greens. Then, we took note of any redeposits or residue.

For our evaluation, we also considered other factors like the wash programs and duration. All this data helped guide our overall cleaning score.

Drying performance

In evaluating the drying power of the series, we looked into a range of features that affect its performance, such as its drying system, interior layout, and tub material. 

We took note of its ability to dry metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic items. Since most dishwashers struggle to dry plastics, we determined how this series’ drying performance compares to other models within the same price range.


Since Miele’s G5000 series is a new addition to its lineup, we wanted to determine how it compares to the G4000 series, which it replaced, and to similar-priced dishwashers on the market.

As it boasts luxe features that are typically found on higher-end models, we determined how it compares to Miele’s G7000 series and premium dishwashers from other brands.

In our evaluation, we looked at data from independent reviews conducted by Designer Appliances, and more. We also took into account the reviews and ratings of customers to help us gauge the usability and user experience.

Loading flexibility

We scrutinized the design of each rack—from the layout of all the compartments to its features. Then, we evaluated it based on how easy it was to load the racks and how versatile the loading opportunities were.


We rated the series based on its longevity, the frequency of malfunctions, and the quality of support that a spectrum of customers required from the brand. 

In conducting such an assessment, we mulled over thousands of user reviews and ratings from Miele and other online retailers. 

What do experts say?

It cleans dishes quickly and quietly.

All of Miele’s G5000 dishwashers are equipped with a QuickIntense Wash Cycle, which can get rid of the toughest stains in under 60 minutes. Its hour-long wash cycle can produce pristine results, making dishwashing hassle-free for busy households.

Not only that, it operates very quietly, boasting a mere 46 dBA noise level. Although it isn’t Miele’s quietest dishwasher, it sure is quiet enough for most households, even for those with little children.

Whether you have a small kitchen or apartment, the noise shouldn’t disturb any conversations or movie nights. More importantly, you won’t get in a fight with the neighbors because of its noise.

The G5000 can do a pretty reliable job at cleaning a wide range of stains, such as grease, leafy greens, starches, and more. However, it isn’t as powerful as the G7000 when it comes to removing dried-on stains.

It has flexible loading opportunities.

One of our favorite things about Miele dishwashers is its versatile racks. The G5000 series is no exception as it can fit a wide range of dishes with its MultiFlex 3D cutlery tray.

The racks offer versatile loading options that can accommodate even your oddly shaped tableware. The tray, in particular, has individual compartments for cutlery to protect them and clean them thoroughly.

Its left panel slides to the right, leaving more space for taller items like wine glasses on the rack below. Its right panel, on the other hand, goes up and down to fit larger items like bowls and plates.

The G5266 has superior features and performance.

Miele’s best innovation by far is the AutoOpen drying function, which is finally featured on the G5266 model. It automatically opens the dishwasher door after wash cycles to promote better drying for plastic items and glasses.

By opening the door after a cycle, the dishwasher releases internal steam, reducing condensation inside the tub. The residual heat dries the dishes without additional energy.

Not to worry, this drying feature is optional. Owners can disable it if they prefer to keep the door closed throughout the drying process as some would argue that it isn’t as sanitary.

However, if you prefer having bone-dry dishes so you won’t have to wipe them with a towel by hand, we would recommend this function. 

Another useful feature that the G5266 has, which base models lack, is the water softener. It’s a must-have for those living in areas with hard water as it prevents mineral build-up in the dishwasher, helping it last longer.

What do customers say?

  • Miele’s G5000 series looks as sleek and stylish as its higher-end G7000 dishwasher series. It can come with either a towel bar handle or a pocket handle.
  • Its interior design is spacious and flexible, allowing a variety of loading opportunities. All of the dishwashers in the lineup have a MultiFlex 3D cutlery tray like the brand’s premium series.
  • It can get rid of almost any stain without little to no redeposits on the dishes. It may struggle to get rid of leafy greens, especially when they are pureed or diced up into tiny pieces.
  • Even without using the Quick Wash cycle, it can clean dishes faster than its competition. Its Normal Cycle takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is still 30 minutes faster than the standard wash time for similar-price models.

Summary of Reviews 

Miele’s new G5000 dishwasher series offers impressive loading flexibility and excellent consistency for cleaning dishes. Other than leafy greens and dried-on oatmeal, it can clean almost anything off of the plates.

With three spacious racks, it accommodates a wide range of cookware and tableware for a faster yet more thorough cleanse. Its highly flexible layout and intuitive design take away the frustration of loading and unloading dishes.

Pros and Cons 


  • Has adjustable racks
  • Dries plastics thoroughly
  • Cleans quietly and quickly
  • Available in freestanding and integrated designs


  • Base models lack water softener
  • Base models lack Auto Open Door function
  • Lacks a touch control panel 



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