5 Best Commercial Dishwashers

5 Best Commercial Dishwashers

Running a business in the food industry involves a plethora of tasks, but one of the most important is dishwashing. You can protect the health and safety of your customers by ensuring all dishes are properly cleaned and sanitized after every use.

Washing the dishes by hand is a pretty labor-intensive chore, which also takes a lot of time to do. Using an efficient commercial dishwasher, you can be thorough with the cleaning process and quick.

To help you improve your kitchen’s efficiency and productivity, we’ve rounded up the best commercial dishwashers below.

How We Picked

  • Cleaning Performance: We chose commercial dishwashers that can deliver consistent cleaning power. They can keep your dishes clean and properly sanitized. 
  • Speed: Compared to your residential dishwashers, commercial variants can clean much faster. The average cycle time can range anywhere from 90 to 120 seconds depending on the brand.

In evaluating the speed of the dishwashers, we looked into the duration of the wash cycles. We also took into account the number of racks they can finish cleaning in an hour.

  • Functionality: Commercial dishwashers should make the job easier for your staff–not complicate it. Thus, we carefully picked models with user-friendly designs for hassle-free operations.
  • Features: From grease traps and drying racks to rinse stations, commercial dishwashers are equipped with different features to make the chore more convenient. We gave bonus points to units that improve efficiency.
  • Reliability: Investing in a commercial dishwasher with a high-quality build and a strong track record for reliability is essential for long-term use. We picked dishwashers that can withstand heavy-duty use.

Jackson DishStar HT

Jackson DishStar HT's Homepage
ModelDishStar HT High-Temperature
Dimensions33 5/16” x 24 1/4” x 25”
TypeUndercounter Glass Washer
Wash Programs3
Water Temperature150 – 180 Degrees F
FeaturesAutofill Function, Built-in Booster Heater,  Chemical Pumps
Wash Cycle Time82 seconds
Racks per Hour24 racks per hour

Our Overall Rating: 8.4/10


  • Compact size
  • Sturdy, stainless steel build
  • Cleans 24 racks per hour
  • ETL-certified


  • Must be hardwired
  • Has 1 rack

The Jackson DishStar high-temperature under-counter dishwasher is a solid choice for a small restaurant, cafe, or bar. 

What we like the most about it is its compact under-counter design, which makes it suitable for kitchens with limited space. Although small, it can clean and sanitize all kitchenware items used in the preparation, serving, and storing of food.

It can remove all the stubborn stains off your dishes in 82 seconds. In an hour, it can clean 24 racks worth of items, allowing your business to keep up with the demand during your busiest days.

Made with a booster heater, it can reach the appropriate rinse temperatures to sanitize the dishes. We like that the heater is built into the dishwasher, which saves you the trouble of adding extra electrical components.

Overall, the dishwasher is pretty easy to use. Its LED panel contains push buttons that control the wash programs and a timer that indicates the wash’s progress.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred cycle, all you have to do is wait for the dishwasher to fill and run the wash cycle automatically.

Installation isn’t as easy, unfortunately. This dishwasher has to be hardwired, which will require professional services.

Customer Reviews

“This dishwasher always has success with cleaning any food or mess off all of our dishes. We never worry that our dishes will not come out sparkling clean when we use this dishwasher. We highly recommend this product.” – Donald W, webstaurantstore.com

“Wow!!! This dishwasher has cut our kitchen clean up by half. It’s easy to use and FAST. Pro tip: if washing plastics, set a second rack on top of the dirty dishes so that they don’t fly around. This has powerful water sprayer.” – Mona K., webstaurantstore.com

Noble Warewashing I-E Dishwasher

Noble Warewashing I-E Dishwasher's Homepage
BrandNoble Warewashing
ModelI-E Single Rack
Dimensions68 1/2” x 30 3/8” x 29 1/2”
TypeDoor-Type Dishwasher
Wash Programs3
Water Temperature120 – 140 Degrees F
FeaturesElectronic Timer, Built-in Waste Accumulator, Removable Scrap Screen, Delimer Function
Wash Cycle Time90 seconds
Racks per Hour25 racks per hour

Our Overall Rating: 8.2/10


  • Has a delimer function
  • Has a removable scrap collector
  • Adjustable bullet feet
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • NSF listed


  • No booster heater
  • Must be hardwired
  • Has 1 rack

The Noble Warewashing I-E dishwasher is another high-performing machine we would recommend to small kitchens. As it can clean 39 racks per hour, it’s a helpful addition to any high-volume establishment.

One of our favorite features is its built-in scrap accumulator. It collects all the gunk that gets washed off your dishes to prevent drain blockages.

Since the food scraps are gathered in a removable screen, it’s very easy to maintain. At the end of the day, you can just take out the screen and dump out the excess waste to prevent it from accumulating.

What’s more, it has a delimer function, which you can activate with a simple flip of a switch. Once activated, it will remove the minerals from hard water to ensure your dishes, especially your glassware, come out spotless and streak-free.

We do wish that it came with a built-in booster heater so it can reach high temperatures for proper sanitation. Without a booster heater, it can only reach temperatures between 120°F to 140°F.

This means you need chemicals to aid in sanitizing your kitchenware, which you will have to purchase regularly for dishwashing. Without high heat, your dishes also take longer to dry.

Still, if you are looking for a dishwasher with a more affordable upfront cost, we would recommend the Noble Warewashing I-E dishwasher. It cleans pretty well, performs consistently, and fits small kitchens.

Customer Reviews

“This is a great piece of equipment for a great price. It is great and does exactly what I need it to do in my small cafe.” – Danae S., webstaurantstore.com

“Does a pretty good job. The only complaint that I have is that it appears the temperature gauge doesn’t work properly. I’ve never seen the temp move. It just sits at 90 degrees. It really needs to have a booster. If you want high heat, you’ll need to purchase another dishwasher, otherwise it is a chemical sanitizing washer. High heat helps the items to dry faster after washing as well.” – Judy G., webstaurantstore.com

CMA Dishmachines CMA-180TC

CMA Dishmachines CMA-180TC's Homepage
BrandCMA Dishmachines
Dimensions70” x 25 1/2”, 25” 
TypeCorner Dishwasher
Wash Programs3
Water Temperature155 – 195 Degrees F
FeaturesDelimer Function, Split Door Design, Auto Soil Purging System, Removable Wash Arms
Wash Cycle Time55 seconds
Racks per Hour60 racks per hour

Our Overall Rating: 9/10


  • Has interchangeable wash arms
  • Has easy-to-read temperature gauges
  • Reaches high heat temperatures for proper sanitation


  • External booster heater is sold separately
  • Expensive
  • Must be hardwired

The CMA Dishmachines’ CMA-180 TC is an excellent choice for high-volume restaurants for three reasons.

First, we like that it can accommodate a wide range of serving and cookware items in a single load. It has a 27” door opening and a split-door design, which enables it to fit large kitchenware items like sheet pans. 

Second, it cleans fast without compromising the results. It can finish a single cycle in 55 seconds and an average of 60 racks per hour.

Since it can reach up to 195°F, it can remove tough stains and kill harmful germs on your dishes, ensuring they come out clean and safe to use for customers. That means there’s no need to use chemical agents, which can cost more in the long run.

Last but not least, we like that it’s easy to maintain. Its upper and lower wash arms are removable, making it easier for you to get rid of the gunk clogging up the spray holes.

One of our favorite things about it is its automatic soil purging system, which clears the food residue from the dishes, and then gathers it into a removable tray. It keeps the dishes clean and makes it easier for you to remove the waste.

The CMA-180 TC has very powerful features that can make dishwashing a breeze for any busy establishment, but it’s very expensive. However, we think it’s worth investing in if you’re looking for a commercial dishwasher that can last a long time.

Customer Reviews

“This is an amazing dishwasher. Has changed our lives at our bakery. Fits all our full-size sheet pans. This has seriously cut our labor substantially.” – Andrew H., webstaurantstore.com

Hobart LXeR-2 Advansys

Hobart LXeR-2 Advansys' Homepage
ModelLXeR-2 Advansys
Dimensions32 1/2” x 23 15/16” x 26 13/16”
TypeUndercounter Dishwasher
Wash Programs3
Water Temperature180 Degrees F
FeaturesSense-a-Temp Heater, Digital Display, Anti-Clogging Wash Arms, Deluxe Soil Management System
Wash Cycle Time120 – 275 seconds
Racks per Hour30 racks per hour

Our Overall Rating: 8.6/10


  • Has anti-clogging wash arms
  • Has a 17” door opening
  • Uses energy recovery design to cut costs
  • Cleans up to 30 racks per hour


  • Must be hardwired
  • Not as fast as other options

The Hobart LXeR-2 Advansys is an under-counter dishwasher that is designed to clean everything from the greasiest pots and pans to the most delicate wine glasses. It has earned a spot on our list because of its energy-efficient design.

We like that it can reach high temperatures of up to 180°F to ensure your dishes are properly sanitized. Made with energy recovery technology, it uses steam heat to preheat cold inlet water. 

It not only minimizes the amount of steam after cycles but also reduces your energy consumption. Over time, it will help your business cut some costs on energy bills. 

Another thing we like about the dishwasher is its Sense-A-Temp booster heater. It uses hot water to sanitize your dishes and remove tough stains like lipstick on delicate wine glasses.

The Sense-A-Temp booster eliminates the need for chemical sanitizers, which can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Compared to other commercial dishwashers on the list, it’s slightly slower. Depending on the program you chose, an entire cycle could take anywhere from 120 to 275 seconds.

Customer Reviews

“The dishwasher itself is incredible. We have already seen a drop in the amount of time we spend doing dishes, a drop in our water bill and a drop in our electric bill. Similarly, we were spending a lot of money on dishwashing liquid and that has been cut to a fraction of the cost. Yes, the dishwasher and install was worth it, but it definitely an investment that will pay off.” – Deanna C, webstaurantstore.com

Jackson Conserver XL2

Jackson Conserver XL2's Homepage
ModelConserver XL2
Dimensions68 ½” x 50 1/2” x 25”
TypeDoor-Type Dishwasher
Wash Programs1
Wash Temperature120 to 140 Degrees F
FeaturesSelf-Draining Pumps,  Built-in Chemical Pumps
Wash Cycle Time90 seconds
Racks per Hour74 racks per hour

Our Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Has a double-rack design
  • Cleans 94 racks per hour
  • Energy Star-certified
  • NSF-Listed


  • Must be hardwired
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Only one washing cycle

For high-volume restaurants with a lot of kitchen space, the Jackson Conserver XL2 is an excellent choice. Its double-rack design, fully automatic wash system, and built-in chemical pumps can help you power through peak hours in a breeze.

What we like the most about this door-type dishwasher is its double-rack design, which enables you to clean up to 94 racks per hour. Even during your peak service hours on your busiest days, your kitchen should be able to keep up with the customer demand.

We wish it had more wash cycles, so you could choose the right programs to fit the soil levels as well as the type of dishes you’re washing. It only has one, but it does clean everything well regardless of the soil level of the dishes.

Another thing we like about it is its self-draining stainless steel pump. It removes excess detergent during wash cycles, preventing it from soiling your sparkling clean dishes.

Measuring 68 ½” x 50 ½” x 25”, this commercial dishwasher is quite big. Although we would recommend it for its fast and powerful cleaning performance, it simply cannot fit in every kitchen.

Customer Reviews

“We absolutely love this dishwasher! We often have to make products that involve raw shea, which is really greasy and is hard to clean, but this dishwasher works wonders! Everything always comes out so clean! It’s also small enough that it doesn’t take up a significant amount of room.” – Kelly E., webstaurantstore.com

Say goodbye to endless dishwashing! Our roundup of the best commercial dishwashers can help kitchens of all sizes enhance their efficiency, hygiene, and productivity.

Here at ApplianceGeeked, we have spent countless hours reading reviews from customers and experts alike to bring you our trusted roundups.

We made a list of the best budget dishwashers (best budget dishwashers) on the market if you’re looking for a more affordable option for your small business. If you’re dealing with mineral build-up, we have a roundup of the best dishwashers for hard water (best dishwasher for hard water).

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