5 Most Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

5 Most Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

Believe it or not, handwashing isn’t the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to wash dishes. You can save up to 3.5 times more water using an average dishwasher.

To achieve long-term cost savings and reduce your household’s carbon footprint, we recommend getting an energy-efficient dishwasher. You can further cut energy and water costs by 30% or more every year, which is good for your wallet and nature.

Below, we’ve rounded up the most energy-efficient dishwashers to help you kick off your search. We found units that offer the best in energy savings and environmental protection.

How We Picked

  • Cleaning Performance: There should be a good balance between energy efficiency and cleaning power. If there isn’t, you’ll be wasting your hard-earned money on a dishwasher that can’t clean.

We assessed the cleaning performance of different dishwashers. Then, we selected the units that can get rid of stubborn stains without driving up the cost of your utilities.

  • Drying Performance: Energy-efficient dishwashers tend to have average drying performance. However, you shouldn’t have to dry your dishes by hand if you want to conserve more energy and cut costs.

We evaluated drying performance based on the dishwashers’ ability to dry various items, ranging from stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic. We picked the units with reliable drying power.

  • Build Material: Stainless steel tubs are superior to plastic variants not only in terms of durability but also efficiency. 

Since the former retains heat better, it can dry the dishes without consuming too much energy. We gave bonus points to dishwashers with stainless steel builds.

  • Features: Most modern dishwashers have a wide range of dishwashers—some of which, you can do without. We identified the various capabilities of each unit, then we gave bonus points for functionality, convenience, and flexibility.
  • Noise Level: Dishwashers will have varying noise levels throughout a wash cycle, peaking anywhere at 46 to 60 dBA. We made sure to pick units that won’t disturb the household.
  • Energy Efficiency: We chose Energy Star-certified dishwashers that can help households conserve up to 30% energy and up to 30% water per year.

Miele – 7566 SCVi SF

Miele - 7566 SCVi SF's Homepage
Model7566 SCVi SF
Dimensions23 ⅝” x 33 ⅜” x 22 ½” 
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level41 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsNormal, China & Crystal, Pots & Pans, Economy, Energy Saver, Saniwash, Rinse & Hold, Clean Machine, Extra Quiet, Quick Intense Wash, AutoDos, Express, Extra Dry, Intense Zone, Filter, ExtraClean
FeaturesAutoDos, 3D MultiFlex Cutlery Tray, Touch Steel Finish, WiFi Connectivity, EcoPower, Hot Water Connection, AutoOpen Drying
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9.2/10


  • Automatic dispensing system
  • Auto-sensing capabilities
  • Hot water connection
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Expensive
  • Not part of Energy Star’s Most Efficient category

Miele has some of the best high-end dishwashers on the market. If you’re looking to splurge on energy efficiency, superior cleaning ability, and longevity, we recommend the 7566 SCVi SF dishwasher.

Made with an advanced filter system and an innovative water feed, it can optimize the distribution of water throughout the racks. It can deliver better cleaning results and higher energy savings. 

Instead of heating its own water, it receives water directly from a hot water tap, which uses less energy. With the help of its stainless steel construction, it minimizes thermal loss to further lower energy consumption.

Through innovation, Miele has also been able to reduce its dishwashers’ water consumption by 85%. Its auto-sensing capabilities play a huge role in making that possible.

Miele’s 7566 SCVi SF has an Energy Star certification, but it wasn’t listed under the Most Efficient Dishwashers of the Year. Still, it helps you conserve 28% less energy and 36% less water annually compared to the average dishwasher. 

This high-performing dishwasher comes with a pretty hefty price tag. But if it’s within your price range, we think its state-of-the-art capabilities, strong performance, and high-quality build are worth the investment.

Customer Reviews

“Love this dishwasher. Dishes come out really clean and loading is the most flexible and accommodating that I have found. I really like that the dishes come out dry and that there are many cycle options. The dishwasher is also very quiet.” – Anonymous, abt.com

“Incredibly clean dishes and the auto open feature leaves dishes truly dry and shiny.” – Anonymous, abt.com

Fisher & Paykel – DD24DTX6PX1

Fisher & Paykel - DD24DTX6PX1's Homepage
BrandFisher & Paykel
Dimensions34 – 36 3/8” x 23 9/16” x 22 9/16”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings14
Noise Level44 dBA
Number of Racks2 drawers
Wash Programs60 min, Auto, Eco, Glassware, Heavy, Light, Medium, Rinse
FeaturesTop Controls, Fan-assisted Drying, Soil-Sensing Capabilities, Knock to Pause, Flood Protection, Quiet Operation, and SmartDrive Technology
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8.7/10


  • Soft-close drawer design
  • Sturdy stainless steel build
  • Fits plates up to 12.25” in size
  • ADA-compliant
  • Low operating noise
  • Energy Star-rated (Most Efficient)


  • Expensive

One of the most energy-efficient drawer dishwashers is Fisher & Paykel’s DD24DTX6PX1. From Series 11 of its Professional lineup, it features soil-sensing capabilities, two independent drawers, and a sturdy, stainless steel build.

Our favorite energy-saving feature is the drawer design itself. Compared to your standard drop-down dishwasher, this unit has two drawers that function independently, allowing you to run a wash cycle in one without turning on the other. 

Each drawer can fit 7 place settings. While the upper drawer can accommodate full-size dinner plates measuring up to 12.25”, its bottom drawer can hold up to 11” size plates.

In a year, it consumes up to 34% less energy and up to 38% less water than the average dishwasher. The best part is that you won’t have to sacrifice cleaning and drying power for such efficiency.

With its stainless steel tub and spray arm sensors, it can deliver a thorough and consistent performance every time.

Fisher & Paykel’s DD24DTX6PX1 double-drawer dishwasher has consistently been on Energy Star’s list of Most Efficient appliances. Although it is very expensive compared to the standard units, we think its convenience is worth the price.

Customer Reviews

“We bought a condo that had a F&P double dishdrawer that we used for 13 years. I replaced it with the new F&P, Tall that provided an excellent upgrade. The taller top drawer allows me to place some plates that didn’t fit in the older version. The new version allows adjustments of the racks. We needed to continue with a drawer version because of spacing issues. With the drawer open we can still pass by to move to another area. More traditional dishwashers door is too big when opened and would cut off an access area. It’s easy to reach into the drawers for loading and unloading. It’s super quiet. We’re very happy with our purchase.” – Seattle Hawaii, Fisher & Paykel

“This is the second Double Dishdrawer we have had, the first was in the kitchen when we moved in and we really liked it so we got another one. This one has a totally stainless steel interior except for the basket parts which is why I went for it. It’s very quiet too. I could have probably fixed the first one easily again but it’s almost 20 years old and it was time, but I will probably look at fixing it anyway for use somewhere else.” – Roger, Fisher & Paykel

Beko DDS2584X

Beko DDS2584X's Homepage
Dimensions17 5/8” x 32 3/16” x 22 7/16”  
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings8
Noise Level48 dBA
Number of Racks2
Wash ProgramsHeavy+, Normal, Clean & Shine, Express, Rinse & Hold
FeaturesLED display, Half Load Function, ProSmart Inverter Motor, Delay Timer, Leak Protection
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Half-load wash function
  • Energy Star-certified (Most Efficient)


  • Only has 8 place settings
  • Limited space and features for its price

Measuring 18” in width, Beko’s DDS2584X is one of the most energy-efficient dishwashers for limited kitchen spaces. This year, it made it to Energy Star’s Most Efficient category, which only recognizes the best of the best in energy savings.

We like that it helps you save up to 28% more energy per year. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a mobile home, it enables you to experience the luxury of dishwashing and manage utility costs. 

You can also significantly reduce water consumption by up to 52% gallons per cycle compared to the average unit. Using its smart sensing capabilities, it can use the exact amount of water and energy to clean the dishes after every cycle, preventing wastage.

With a full stainless steel interior, it can withstand and retain heat better, leading to better cleaning and drying performance. It can consistently deliver sparkling clean dishes.

We think Beko’s DDS2584X dishwasher has limited space and features for its price. There are similar-priced units out there that can fit nearly double the amount of items.

However, it’s a good choice for small households looking to maximize energy and dollar savings.

Customer Reviews

“Dish loading, this dishwasher comes with a very exacting guide on how it should be loaded. Bowls here, plates there, glasses top right, silverware basket according to this diagram. Unfortunately, Beko failed to take into account that not every bowl is shallow, some people prefer a pint glass to a narrow Tom Collins glass. I’m unable to load my dishes the very exacting way the suggest and am able to wash fewer dishes at a time than the dishwasher this replaced. Due to my varied flatware handle size I can’t simply stick a fork into any slot. But their diagram also doesn’t work. I’m most disappointed with the adjustable top rack. Top position is more or less just a normal height and I still can’t fit cookie sheets or cutting boards in the bottom. The instructions list no way to turn off heated dry so I can’t run my blender through. The cancel button doesn’t work. It cleans, it’s smudge proof-ish, it drys as long as you use jet dry.” – Kaleena, Beko

Miele – G5006 SCU

Dimensions23 9/16” x 33 11/16” x  22 7/16”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level44 dBA 
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsNormal, Pots & Pans, SaniWash, Rinse & Hold, QuickIntenseWash, Express, 
FeaturesCutlery Tray, EcoPowet Technology, ExtraClean & ExtraDry Options, SaniWash – Sanitize Cycle
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9/10


  • Hot water connection
  • Energy Star-certified
  • InFluenc_H Level 3 rating


  • Expensive repair costs

Miele’s high-end dishwashers have high upfront costs. If you’re looking for a more affordable unit from the brand that is arguably as energy-efficient, the G5006 is worth looking into.

It might not have Miele’s one-of-a-kind AutoDos system, but it still has other ways to ensure all your plates are clean and your bills aren’t overwhelming. 

For example, it can be connected to a hot water source at temperatures of up to 60°C. It helps you conserve energy by eliminating the need to heat water using an internal heating element.

Perhaps one of our favorite features of Miele dishwashers is the EcoPower technology, which enables them to clean with precision. It optimizes the wash cycles by directing the water to the right areas for a quicker and more thorough clean.

If a luxury dishwasher is out of your budget, you can opt for a budget-friendly alternative. Just like its higher-end counterparts, the G5006 has premium wash capabilities, a long lifespan, and a sleek design.

Although its upfront costs won’t burn a hole through your pocket, its repair costs might. However, Miele has a good track record for reliability, so you won’t have to worry about malfunctions too much.

Customer Reviews

“Replaced an 18yo Miele that finally bit the dust. So far it’s perfect. Uses almost no water or electricity. AJ Madison delivered as advertised with no issues.” – ayricton, AJ Madison

“This is the best dish washer I have ever bought. It is quiet and does a great job on the dishes even in the quick mode.” – Lewis, AJ Madison


GE - GDT630PYRFS' Homepage
Dimensions33 3/8” x 23 3/4” x 24”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings10
Noise Level50 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsAutoSense, Heavy Wash, Normal Wash1 Hour Wash, Rinse
FeaturesPiranha™ Hard Food Disposer with removable filter, Automatic Temperature Control, Automatic HotStart, Fill Level Pressure Sensor, Active Flood Protect
Tub MaterialPlastic

Our Overall Rating: 7.3/10


  • Has a hard food dispenser and filtration system
  • Has a cutlery tray and a deep bottom rack
  • Fingerprint-resistant exterior
  • Affordable price
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Plastic
  • Not part of Energy Star’s Most Efficient list

Energy-efficient dishwashers have cutting-edge technologies that let you maximize energy savings and environmental protection, which is also why they usually cost a lot. If you’re looking for an affordable option, GE’s GDT630PYRFS is a solid choice.

One of our favorite things about it is its efficient cleaning system. Thanks to its well-designed racks, powerful jets, and hard food filter, it can get rid of most tough stains without redistributing food scraps onto your clean dishes.

Such efficiency in design enables it to optimize its cleaning ability without increasing its energy and water consumption. On average, it uses 22% less energy and 36% less water per year than your average dishwasher. 

We prefer stainless steel tubs over plastic ones any day because they are sturdier, easier to clean, and better at drying. On a normal drying cycle, it does struggle to get dry plastic items.

Using Dry Boost, you can significantly improve its drying performance. You can have bone-dry plastic containers without extending the cycle too long. 

GE’s GDT630PYRFS is Energy Star-certified, but it isn’t part of the Most Efficient category. Still, we think its low upfront cost and long-term energy savings give it incredible value.

Customer Reviews

“Excellent job cleaning and drying. I’ve been very pleased in its performance. I do wish it had a more detailed owners manual. The online manual isn’t any better than the one it came with.” – LindaM53, GE

“We love all of the different options this dishwasher has. Very easy for my elderly mom to use as well!” – Abstergale, GE

Here at ApplianceGeeked, we have done many reviews and ratings for all kinds of household appliances. We will always go above and beyond to help you find the best product that matches your needs.

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