5 Best Dishwashers for Hard Water

5 Best Dishwashers for Hard Water

Tired of seeing cloudy glassware after cleaning it in your dishwasher? The white streaks on the dishes, cutlery, and inner walls of the tub are caused by minerals in hard water, which are left behind after the water evaporates.

Not to worry, there are dishwashers with built-in filtration systems, water softeners, or Rinse Aid dispensers that can help you achieve sparkling clean dishes without affecting their efficiency or longevity.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best dishwashers for hard water.

How We Picked

  • Cleaning Performance: We selected dishwashers that can remove the toughest stains on your dishes and deliver consistent results after every wash. 
  • Drying Performance: Not all dishwashers are as effective at drying as they are at cleaning your dishes. In creating our list, we made sure to choose the units that won’t leave your dishes damp.
  • Build Quality: Minerals from hard water can build up in your dishwasher, creating an ideal environment for bacteria and mold. Compared to plastic, stainless steel is more resistant to stains and odors. 

To help you minimize damage to the dishwasher, we picked units that have stainless steel tubs. 

  • Features: To prevent the minerals in your hard water supply from affecting cleaning performance, we chose dishwashers with built-in features such as water filters, softeners, and Rinse Aid dispensers.
  • Rack Flexibility: We determined the adjustability of the dishwasher’s racks by assessing how well they can fit a variety of items in a single load, such as glasses, cups, plates, cutlery, and more.

Additionally, we gave bonus points to dishwashers that are easy to load and unload.

  • Noise Level: All of our picks have low noise ratings, which fall under 50 dBA. These dishwashers operate so quietly that they won’t disturb the household or the neighbors.

Bosch SHX78B75UC

Bosch SHX78B75UC's Homepage
Dimensions34 1/16″ x 23 9/16” x 22 9/16”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings15 place settings
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsAuto, Favorite, Glass, Heavy, Normal, Quick Wash 45°C, Speed 60
FeaturesRackMatic, PrecisionWash, CrystalDry, Water Softener, AquaStop Plus, Home Connect
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9.3/10


  • Has smart cleaning technology
  • Has a water softener
  • Has a flexible 3rd rack
  • Low noise operation


  • Expensive
  • Bonus functions are only accessible through Home
  • Connect

Not all dishwashers in Bosch’s 800 series(Bosch 800 series dishwasher review) have built-in water softeners—but the SHX78B75UC does. 

Just like the rest of the series, it has precision washing technology, superior drying power, flexible racks, and low noise ratings.

This dishwasher has all the features you need to keep your dishes spotless and prevent mineral buildup caused by hard water. It has a built-in water softener, a Rinse Aid dispenser, and PrecisionWash technology.

One of our favorite things about this dishwasher is PrecisionWash, which automatically adjusts its settings to optimize its cleaning power. It uses smart sensors to determine the ideal water usage and pressure based on your area’s water hardness levels.

What’s more, it has a built-in water softener. It removes the minerals from your water supply, which keeps your dishes spotless every time and ensures your dishwasher lasts longer.

Another feature that can help with mineral build-up is Rinse Aid. Like most Bosch dishwashers, this model has a dispenser for Rinse Aid, which you should utilize to eliminate cloudiness on glassware and promote better drying.

Bosch’s SHX78B75UC is packed with a lot of features, which is why it requires quite a bit of an investment. If you’re on a tight budget, this might not be the best choice for you.

Still, we think it offers great value for its price. Aside from the features we mentioned, Bosch offers additional dishwashing functions, which can only be accessed through the HomeConnect app.

If you’re looking to invest in a reliable, high-performing dishwasher that has the necessary features to combat the effects of hard water, this Bosch unit should be right up your alley.

Customer Reviews

“I recently bought the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher and am extremely satisfied with its performance and workmanship. It is so quiet that you can hardly hear it running at all. The layout of the racks is very useful and adjustable. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in replacing an old dishwasher or for the first-time buyer of a dishwasher. You will not be disappointed.” – Waxi, Bosch

“Install went smoothly and without any problems. The dishwasher has all the bells and whistles we need and wanted. Quiet, as promised. The only thing that Bosch could make better is the ability for the new user to learn ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS for ALL THE FEATURES of the SPECIFIC MODEL. In this day and age of electronics and video documentation, Bosch should be able to produce a QR Code for the EXACT PRODUCT MODEL, so the end user can see, specifically, how the different functions and settings are input and work. Other than that, we LOVE our BOSCH!!!,” Tommy Tuna, Bosch

Miele G7156SCVI

Miele G7156SCVI's Homepage
Dimensions33 ¾” x 23 ⅝” x 21 ¾”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16 place settings
Noise Level45 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsNormal, QuickIntenseWash, Pots & Pans, SaniWash, Rinse & Hold, China & Crystal
FeaturesDelay Start, AutoOpen Drying, Perfect GlassCare, ComfortClose Door, AutoSensor Technology
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9/10


  • Has a triple filtration system
  • Has three alternating spray arms
  • Has a 3rd cutlery rack
  • Low noise levels
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Expensive
  • No WiFi connectivity

Miele’s G7156SCVI dishwasher has earned a spot on our list because of its impressive cleaning performance, especially when it comes to glassware.

The dishwasher’s integrated water softener maintains an optimal water hardness level for cleaning. By removing minerals in hard water, it will keep your glassware from getting cloudy and spotty.

Another thing we like about this dishwasher is its Perfect GlassCare technology. Over time, soft water combined with high water temperatures and detergent can corrode your glassware, leaving tiny scratches and dings you can no longer repair. 

Miele’s Perfect GlassCare technology ensures a gentle yet thorough cleanse, so you can keep your glassware in pristine condition for years to come.

We also like its Auto Sensor technology, which is useful for your day-to-day cleaning needs. It detects the soil levels of your dishes, and then automatically adjusts its water temperature, cycle time, and water consumption to deliver the best results.

In terms of drying, its performance is up to par with its cleaning ability. Its AutoOpen function pops the door open at the end of the program, allowing outside air to enter the tub to thoroughly dry glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic items.

Miele’s G7156SCVI dishwasher doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, unlike other dishwashers within its price range. However, we still think it is a good choice for hard water areas because of its superior cleaning ability. 

Customer Reviews

“Love the dishwasher, super quiet, super efficient and does excellent job with all types of dishes. Water softener is key, no more hardwater stains. Loved how the drain hose, power hose and supply line were already installed. The panel installation template was really silly, and had to measure everything manually, but it looks and works great.” – AdamM, AJ Madison

“Dishwasher is very quiet and cleans like no other dishwasher we’ve had. We ordered a unit that was panel ready. The instructions for making and mounting the panel were not as clear as they need to be but after a little studying we were able to get the panel made and mounted on dishwasher. A little higher in price but worth the money!” – Mule10, AJ Madison

Fisher & Paykel  DD24DCHTX9 N

Fisher & Paykel DD24DCHTX9 N's Homepage
BrandFisher & Paykel
Dimensions34-36 3/8” x 23 9/16” x 22 9/16”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings14 place settings (7 per drawer)
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks2
Wash ProgramsDelicate, Eco, Fast, Heavy, Medium, and Rinse
FeaturesFan-Assisted Drying, Flood Protection, Flow-through Detergent Dispenser, Built-in Water Softener, SmartDrive Technology
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8.3/10


  • Each drawer operates independently
  • Fits full-sized dinner plates
  • Has a 12-Hour Delay Start function
  • Has adjustable rack accessories


  • Expensive
  • Not ADA-compliant

One of the best Fisher & Paykel dishwashers for hard water is the DD24DCHTX9 N. It’s a double-drawer model with a Rinse Aid dispenser and a salt reservoir that you can fill up to soften your water.

All you have to do is pour granular salt into the reservoir before selecting the right cycle for your load. Each drawer has its own reservoir, which is located inside the dishwasher next to the detergent dispenser.

We do like that this dishwasher has a front LED display, which makes it easier for you to monitor the salt reservoir and the ongoing program. If the salt indicator light on the display turns red, it means the tank is empty and requires a refill.

Aside from dishwasher salt, you can use Rinse Aid to help give your glassware a brilliant shine after each wash. All you have to do is pour the Rinse Aid into the respective dispenser, then select the right settings based on your water hardness levels.

Not to worry, Fisher & Paykel provides easy-to-follow instructions in their user manual to help you refill the Rinse Aid and salt dispensers.

Like its salt reservoir, the dishwasher has an indicator light for Rinse Aid, which glows bright red when it requires refilling and turns dim when it’s still full. However, it can be a little confusing. 

If you’re using a light-colored Rinse Aid, the indicator light won’t go as dim as when you use darker-colored variants. You might refill the tank when it isn’t needed, leading to accidental spills and excessive foaming, which can damage the dishwasher.

Fisher & Paykel’s DD24DCHTX9 N comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking to splurge on convenience, flexibility, and efficiency, this should be a solid choice.

Customer Reviews

“I like the ability of using one drawer at a time and having the additional drawer when guests are over.” – Debra, Fisher & Paykel

“The dishwasher drawers in operation are so quiet. You can run without interfering with any activity. It washes very well too.” – Elizabeth, Fisher & Paykel


LG ADFD5448AT's Homepage
Dimensions32 1/16” x 23 ½” x 22 ½”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings14 place settings
Noise Level48 dBA
Number of Racks2
Wash ProgramsAuto, Heavy, Delicate, Normal, Turbo, Download Cycle, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express
FeaturesWiFi Connectivity, EasyRack Plus, QuadWash, Child Lock, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 7.8/10


  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • ADA-compliant
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Only has 2 racks
  • Limited space and adjustability

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly dishwasher that can filter the minerals from hard water, we would recommend LG’s ADFD5448AT. It is packed with cool features that can simplify your daily chores and maximize the dishwasher’s efficiency.

We like that it has a built-in water softener that automatically breaks down the minerals in your water supply, reducing clouding and mineral deposit build-up. It enhances your dishwasher’s performance and increases its lifespan.

With a built-in water softener, you won’t have to keep on purchasing granular salt, which can save you a lot of money. It also saves you the trouble of monitoring the salt reservoir level and refilling it whenever needed.

It isn’t the most spacious or adjustable dishwasher out there. However, it’s quite user-friendly, especially since it meets the standards set by the American Disabilities Act for Accessible Design.

We also like that it has WiFi connectivity. Although it isn’t a necessary feature in dishwashing, we think it’s great that LG offers it at such an affordable price point. 

By connecting the dishwasher to the internet, you can remotely control its functions through Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Through the ThinQ Care app, you can easily keep track of routine maintenance tasks so you can keep your dishwasher running in peak condition for years to come.

Customer Reviews

“This machine is incredible! Everything comes out literally spotless without any pre-wash or prep. It’s quiet and quick and quite the deal!” – RachelW, Best Buy

“This dishwasher works really well, and it’s also super quiet.  It was one of the few models that fit in my small space, so I’m glad it was as good a product as it is.” – ThomasM, Best Buy

Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ

Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ's Homepage
Dimensions33 5/8” x 23 7/8” x 26 3/4” 
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings13 place settings
Noise Level47 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsHeavy, Normal, Quick Wash, Sensor Wash, Soak & Clean
FeaturesLeak Detection System, 24-Hour Delay Start
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Cleaning Performance8/10
Drying Performance7/10
Build Quality9/10
Rack Flexibility6/10
Noise Level8/10
AffordableReliable cleaning performanceHas a 3rd rackLow noise operations
Limited flexibilityLimited features

Whirlpool’s WDT750SAKZ doesn’t have a built-in water softener or a salt reservoir, but it has an internal filter and a Rinse Aid dispenser that can help you eliminate that white, cloudy film on your glassware.

The internal filter can trap minerals in your water supply, which can reduce build-up in your dishwasher’s tub and internal components. However, this means that you have to clean the filter religiously to prevent any issues.

On the bright side, the filter is very easy to clean. And if ever you need to replace the filter due to natural wear and tear, you won’t have trouble finding a replacement because Whirlpool is such a popular brand.

The dishwasher has 3 racks spacious racks, which you can adjust to accommodate large items. However, it lacks adjustable tines.

As for its cleaning performance, it can remove greasy or dried-on stains but takes a long time to do so. It shouldn’t be a drawback if you prefer running your dishwasher at night.

Not to worry, it has a 47 dBA noise rating. It runs very quietly, which means it won’t disturb your much-needed sleep.

Whirlpool’s WDT750SAKZ has limited features even for an affordable dishwasher. Still, we think that its filtration system and sturdy build enable it to perform well in hard water conditions.

H3: Customer Reviews

“Cleans the dishes well. Love the easy to clean filter at the bottom for food collection. Best of all…it is super quiet!” – LVT2RN, Whirlpool

“I am very happy with this dishwasher. I love the third rack at the top and also the removable filter. It does a great job of cleaning my dishes.” – GamGam, Whirlpool

The best dishwashers for hard water have built-in filters and water softeners that prevent minerals like calcium and magnesium from reducing the efficiency of the machine and causing irreparable damage.

Here at ApplianceGeeked, we know the ins and outs of dishwashers. With our guidance, you can find an ideal match for your needs. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly dishwasher, we’ve rounded up the most energy-efficient dishwashers(most energy efficient dishwashers) in this guide. We also made a list of the best quiet dishwashers( best quiet dishwashers) that can clean without all the noise.

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