Decoding the Whirlpool Washer rL Code [Complete Troubleshooting Guide]

Whirlpool Washer rL Code

Some may find washing machine codes to be a nightmare, but for me, it’s a good thing! Through these error codes, our washers can tell us if there’s something wrong with them. 

Take the Whirlpool washer’s rL code, for instance. Many of us encounter this error code but have no idea what this means, so we remain clueless about how to fix it. 

Well, not anymore! With this helpful guide, you’ll learn the meaning behind the Whirlpool washer rL code and the different ways you can fix this issue.

What does the rL code on my Whirpool washer mean?

The Whirlpool washing machine’s rL code stands for remove load. It indicates that the washer detected a load in the drum during a Clean Washer cycle when there shouldn’t be anything inside it.

A Clean Washer cycle is done to clean the appliance’s drum with high volumes of water and bleach. 

If your Whirlpool washer is flashing the rL code, it’s a sign for you to inspect your drum and check what’s exactly causing the error. Luckily, you have this troubleshooting guide to help you get started! 

What’s causing my Whirlpool washer’s rL error and how can I fix it?

The Whirlpool washer’s rL code shows up when there are clothes and other obstructions inside the drum during its Clean Washer cycle. 

These possible obstructions include coins, buttons, accessories, and other tiny items that have fallen out of your clothes’ pockets during a wash. 

See how you can remove the unwanted load and obstructions below.

Existing load • Stop the Clean Washer cycle by pressing the pause or stop button.
• Open your Whirlpool washer’s lid and inspect the inside of the drum.
• See if there are any leftover clothes and fabrics from your last wash. 
• Remove the load, even if it happens to be just one piece of cloth.
• Using the wash setting buttons, set the washing machine again to Clean • Washer cycle.
• Press start.
Obstructions in the drum • Press the stop or pause button of your washer. 
• Unplug it from the power source.
• Open the lid and check if there are any items inside the drum.
• Inspect the interior carefully as the items can be very tiny and easy to miss.
• Use a flashlight to help you spot the obstructions.
• Look out for coins, buttons, accessories, and other small items.
• If the drum looks empty, check the little spaces, holes, and gaps on your drum.
• Use long-nose pliers for the tiny objects that can’t be taken out by your fingers.
• Once you’re sure you’ve removed all the obstructions, close the washer lid.
• Reconnect the washer to the power source then turn it on.
• Set the washer to Clean Washer mode by pressing its corresponding button.
• Press start. 

Solving your Whirlpool’s rL code is very simple once you realize what’s actually causing it. Check out how quick and easy it is to fix! 

Existing Load

Sometimes, we accidentally leave behind clothes inside the drum from our previous wash, especially the small ones. Examples of these are underwear and socks.

The unnoticed clothes are then detected by the machine, prompting its rL code to flash.

Solution: Stop the cycle first by pressing the pause or stop button. Next, turn your washer off by pressing the on/off switch or unplugging it.

Open your Whirlpool washer’s lid to check its drum. See if there are any clothes inside it from your last wash.

If you spot any piece of clothing, remove it. Double-check to ensure that the drum is now void of any cloth.

Plug your washer back into its power source and turn it on. Then, set the wash cycle again to Clean Washer mode.

Press start to begin the cycle.

Obstructions Inside the Drum

During a wash cycle, certain objects can fall out or are removed from our clothes. These small items are then left inside the drum after we pull our laundry out from the washer.

Examples of these small items include coins, buttons, tissue clumps, pins, and accessories. 

When they’re left inside or get stuck in between the drum’s panes and gaps, the washer detects them as load. This leads to an rL error.

Solution: Turn your washer off and unplug it to ensure safety before opening the machine’s lid. 

Peer inside the drum and check its crevices for any small items. Use a flashlight to spot the objects better. 

Use long-nosed pliers to extract the items that are stuck in the drum’s holes and gaps. Once the drum is clear of any obstruction, close the washer’s lid.

Plug your Whirlpool washing machine into a power outlet. Turn it on and set it to Clean Washer mode. 

Press the start button.

What is the Clean Washer mode in a Whirlpool washer?

The Clean Washer mode is a special cycle that aims to clean your Whirlpool washing machine’s interior. This mode uses high volumes of water and a cleaning agent of your choice.

With this mode, your washing machine gets rid of built-up detergent, residue, and smells that have accumulated over time.  

To clean your washer thoroughly, the drum should be void of load or obstructions. For cleaning agents, you can use bleach, baking soda, or vinegar mixtures.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with our washer because the drum looks empty! That’s why the Whirlpool washer’s rL code is a real head-scratcher. 

But now you know all that’s needed is a closer look to identify and solve the problem! Asking a technician for help is also a great idea to ensure that your washer is in great condition.

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