What is Samsung Power Freeze? [Explained]

What is Samsung Power Freeze [Explained]

Have you ever wished you could speed up the freezing process of your Samsung freezer? 

Luckily, your Samsung freezer has a Power Freeze feature that allows you to do just that! With a simple push of a button, your ice maker should double its efficiency.

However, there’s a lot more to the Power Freeze feature than simply making ice at a quicker pace. 

Don’t worry, we’ve listed down some questions you might have and answered them for you!

What does the Power Freeze feature do?

Power Freeze in a Samsung freezer speeds up the ice-making process and reduces the time for the ice maker to make a tray of ice. Additionally, it also speeds up the time needed to freeze products in the freezer.

It’s a handy feature if you want to churn out ice at a rapid pace or if you want to prevent food from spoiling. And if used properly, it can even save you a couple of bucks off the electricity bill!

And if you’re still not impressed or unsure of its usefulness, we’ll list some scenarios when the Power Freeze feature is a real lifesaver.

When to Use the Power Freeze Feature

There are a lot of situations where you can use the Power Freeze feature of your Samsung freezer. 

You can use it during parties if you need more ice, in case of emergencies, or if you simply want to store large items.

Here are some specific scenarios when you might need to consider using Power Freeze:

Power OutagesThe Power Freeze allows you to compensate for the lack of power during a certain time period. 

It prevents some food or beverages from spoiling.
Increased TemperatureTurning Power Freeze mode on gives your freezer a chance to reset to its natural temperature. 

You can do this if your freezer’s door was left open.
Storage of Large ItemsPower Freeze evenly spreads the cool air among the food or products inside your freezer. 

This prevents spoilage of some food that you might need to freeze in order to preserve.
Power Saving ConditionsPower Freeze lets you quickly freeze the contents of your freezer if you’re planning on turning it off, or power-saving for a couple of hours.

Power Outages

The Power Freeze feature is especially useful if you’ve been notified or are aware of a potential power outage in your area. It allows you to prevent the food and beverages inside your freezer from spoiling.

Usually, electric power companies send out notices via text messages, emails, or social media posts about potential power outages. The notices give you the chance to prepare for that period with no electricity.

Turning the Power Freeze button on before the outage allows you to freeze your food and beverages. This gives you ample time to freeze or chill the contents of your freezer, so when the power comes back, it won’t be warm and on the verge of spoiling.

Increased Temperature

You can also use the Power Freeze feature to reset your freezer back to its natural freezing temperature. A freezer with a warm temperature often results in malfunctions and breaking down.

One of the biggest reasons for your freezer warming up is when its door is left open. The warm air mixes with the cooling air inside, resulting in icing, fogging, defrosting, and more.

If the door is left open, the temperature of the freezer increases. If this happens, you’ll have to reset it back to its normal temp.

In order for you to balance it out, you can turn on the Power Freeze feature. This decreases the temperature inside, which restores it to its natural cooling/freezing temperature and potentially saves you a trip to a technician.

Overusing Power Freeze might result in other parts of your freezer malfunctioning. So we advise continuously checking the temperature of your freezer when using this feature. 

Storage of Large Items

An overstuffed freezer can cause a handful of issues, including certain items not chilling/freezing. Thankfully, the Power Freeze feature gives you a way to avoid most of these!

If you’ve ever come home with bags of groceries, you know how tricky it is to fit your groceries inside the freezer. More often than not, it results in certain items not getting enough of the cooling air.

This issue is more prominent when large items are placed inside the freezer. Due to the lack of space, the circulation of the cooling air is disrupted, resulting in some food freezing or some being left completely warm.

Turning on the Power Freeze gives you the chance to blast the chilling air inside, brute forcing the circulation of the air. 

And no matter how many items are inside, all of them will get the chance to at least cool down, leaving you with cold and frozen food.

However, we recommend first checking if the door fully shuts. Leaving even a tiny gap results in icing, which could leave your food with freeze burns!

Power Saving Conditions

Your Samsung freezer also has a Power Saving button that does exactly that, it saves power. This feature is useful if the contents of the freezer are scarce.

Using the Power Saving button also means that the freezing power will decrease, resulting in frozen products melting. This is where the Power Freeze button comes in!

If you’re planning on using Power Saving mode, it’s advisable to use Power Freeze first to make sure the food and beverages inside don’t spoil quickly. Chilling your food first is similar to what we advise you to do when dealing with power outages.

Of course, don’t overdo it as you don’t want patches of ice left inside your freezer. This might result in a small flood around your freezer once it starts to melt and defrost.

If possible, try and remove as much food and beverages inside your freezer once you start power saving. This allows the chilling air to circulate naturally without any hindrances.

How to Turn on the Power Freeze Feature

To activate the Power Freeze function, simply press and hold the Power Freeze button. Doing so will trigger both the compressor and the freezer fan to run for up to 10 hours continuously.

You’ll know if Power Freeze is on once its icon illuminates.

How long should I keep Power Freeze on?

We recommend keeping Power Freeze on for only 10 hours max. It should be enough time for it to serve its function!

If you need to keep it on for a longer period, make sure to continuously check if your freezer can still handle the amount of ice inside and that the appliance itself isn’t overheating.

How to Turn Off Power Freeze

To turn off Power Freeze, simply press and hold the Power Freeze button. This should immediately revert your freezer back to normal mode.

You’ll know Power Freeze is off once its icon no longer illuminates.

Does Power Freeze turn off automatically?

Power Freeze turns off automatically. It does so once the ice bucket fills in less than 10 hours.

This feature is installed to ensure your freezer doesn’t over freeze the content inside. It’s a neat safety net for when you accidentally leave Power Freeze on.

We highly recommend not letting Power Freeze reach the 10-hour mark. Leaving it on might damage your freezer long-term.

Power Freeze is a handy feature that allows you to speed up the process of freezing the contents of your freezer. It’s entirely situational, but the times you do use it feel like a lifesaver.

Whether it’s due to having little space inside the freezer, a power outage, or simply saving energy, the Power Freeze mode is quite versatile in its use. 

As we’ve mentioned, discretion is still advised when it comes to using Power Freeze. It eats up a ton of power and may result in freezer burns, ice patches, and other issues.

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