How to Unlock the Wheels on a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick and Easy]

How to Unlock the Wheels on a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick and Easy]

Did you discover that your Samsung refrigerator has wheels but don’t know how to make them work? 

Don’t worry because we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the wheels of your Samsung refrigerator.

Each set of tips and instructions will be easy to follow. You can do most of the steps by yourself, but if you find any difficulty, then do not hesitate to ask others for help.

How to Unlock/Lock the Wheels on a Samsung Refrigerator 

The wheels on a Samsung refrigerator have no locks – the refrigerator’s legs keep the unit planted firmly on the floor. 

To allow the wheels to function, the front legs need to be raised up slightly.

However, you can insert a small piece of wood or plastic under the wheels to effectively “lock” them in place.

The wood/ plastic will act as a stopper to prevent the wheels from moving on their own. Just remember that you need to check if your refrigerator is properly leveled and make adjustments after adding the pieces of wood or plastic.

Are the wheels on a Samsung refrigerator adjustable?

The wheels on a Samsung refrigerator can be height adjusted through the screws on each of the wheels. 

They can be turned left or right to raise or lower wheel height. 

The adjustment of the wheels is important to keep your Samsung refrigerator properly leveled. A leveled refrigerator is able to save more energy and prevent potential problems such as cooling issues, leaks, and unwanted noise.

How to Safely Move a Samsung Refrigerator with Wheels

When moving your Samsung refrigerator, it’s important to take caution. Make sure that the refrigerator is empty, powered off, and disconnected from the water line to avoid accidents.

To move the refrigerator, lift the front legs and simply push it forward or backward.

Here are a few more tips to help safely move your Samsung refrigerator:

  • Double-check the measurements (height, width, and depth) of your refrigerator’s designated area of placement. Remember to make space between the refrigerator and any wall around it (provide at least half an inch of space).
  • Make sure that the doors can open freely and will not be obstructed by any other walls, appliances, or furniture.
  • Check if the floor of your refrigerator is properly leveled. If there are any uneven areas, this could be fixed by inserting shims (materials like wood or plastic) to create even leveled flooring.
  • If damage to the flooring is a concern while moving the refrigerator, you can put cardboard or floor pads underneath each leg. This should prevent them from scratching or scraping the floor.
  • The refrigerator is fairly heavy. While moving it can be done alone, it is recommended to have another person help you move the unit.

Now that you know how the wheels work on your Samsung refrigerator, you should be able to easily deal with things like keeping the refrigerator leveled and moving it around where you need it to be.

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