Samsung Washing Machine Symbols [Explained]

Samsung Washing Machine Symbols

If you’re a new Samsung washing machine owner or you upgraded, you need to understand the symbols on the display to use its functions properly without ruining your clothes. 

Some are easier to figure out than others. Not to worry, that’s what we’re here for.

We’ll help you understand the icons on your display and what they mean so you can get the most from your washer. Plus, it will make laundry days so much easier and faster from now on.

Let’s get into it.

What do the symbols on a Samsung washing machine mean?

The symbols on a Samsung washing machine represent different cycles, features, and settings. They also indicate the washer’s current status or mode of operation.

Here’s a list of the most common icons you’ll encounter on a Samsung washer and what they mean. Take note that the icons’ appearance and colors may vary per model.

Garment +It lights up to let you know that the wash can be paused, allowing you to add or remove items from the drum.
Child LockIt indicates that Child Lock is on, which locks all the controls except for the power button to prevent potential injuries and damage to the unit.
Delay StartIt indicates that a wash cycle is set to start at a specific hour, so it finishes at a more convenient time for you.
Door LockIt displays whenever the washer door is locked for safety reasons.
Signal OffIt lights up when you turn off the alarms, power-off melody, and completion melody on your washer.
Pure Cycle or Self-CleanIt is a reminder to run a self-cleaning cycle, which prevents mold growth in your washer.
Smart ControlIt indicates that the washing machine is connected to a WiFi network and SmartThings, allowing you to control your unit remotely.
Rinse and Extra RinseIt turns on when an additional rinse cycle is added to the end of the wash to remove residual dirt and detergent.
Time RemainingIt indicates that a timed cycle is in progress.
SteamIt turns on when the Steam function is active.
Interior LampIt indicates that the interior lamp of your washer is on.


An icon that looks like a shirt with a plus (+) sign is called the Garment+. If the icon lights up, you can pause the cycle to add more clothing to your washer. 

On Samsung AddWash models, it is often referred to as the AddWash indicator. Its function is the same. 

When it lights up, you can pause the washer to add laundry or softener. You can even take out items from the drum through the AddWash door.

Samsung AddWash Models:
• WD85T654DSE
• WW85T554DAB
• WD85T554DBW
• WD95T754DBT
• WD85T984DSH
• WW95T754DBT
• WW85T754DBT
• WW95T654DLE
• WW85T654DLE
• WW85T984DSH
• WW85T554DAW
• WW75K54E0UW

Child Lock

Child Lock is a safety feature on most, if not all, modern washers. When activated, you’ll see a CL code on your display.

It locks all the buttons on your washer, except for the power button. It prevents curious hands from tampering with the settings and protects your washer from getting damaged.

The methods for activating or deactivating will vary per model. Typically, you must press a button combination specific to your unit.

You can find this combination in your user manual. Or, you can look for the Child Lock icon on the control panel, which should tell you which buttons to press.

Depending on your Samsung washer model, the Child Lock icon could look like a padlock or an infant with a smiley face. 

On some models, the door won’t unlock(Samsung washer door won’t unlock) if the Child Lock function is activated. You must turn it off to open the door and use the controls.

In other models, you can open the door when Child Lock is activated. However, your washer will sound an alarm and automatically drain the water inside the tub to prevent accidents like drowning.

Child Lock Button Combinations:
• Push the Spin and Temperature buttons for three seconds.
• Push the Rinse and Temperature buttons for three seconds.
• Push the + and – buttons for three seconds. Then, press the Start/Pause button to confirm.

Delay Start or End Timer

The Delay Start or End Timer is a very convenient feature on your Samsung washer, which allows you to delay the start of the laundry at a time that is most convenient for you. A clock icon on your display indicates that the function is in use.

Let’s say you have to load the washer at 8 am before you go about your day. You want to do a 2-hour cycle, but you can’t be around when it ends at 10 am.

It’s never a good idea to leave damp laundry inside the washer because it leads to mold and mildew growth. Not to mention, it will make your clothes smell awful.

Instead of postponing laundry day, you can use the Delay Start function to make sure the cycle ends when you’re around to take out the laundry.

If you’ll be home by 1 pm, you can set the delay to 3 hours. That means your washer will automatically start at 11 am and end at 1 pm. 

Once the Delay Start icon is lit, it means that the function is on and the washer is set to run a cycle at a specific time. You won’t have to interfere with the cycle because it will automatically end on its own.

You can delay a wash anywhere from 1 to 24 hours in 1-hour increments. On the display, you’ll see the clock counting down to the set time.

To cancel Delay Start, press the power button to turn off the washer. Then, turn it back on again.

Door Lock

If your Samsung washer is running a cycle, it automatically locks the door for safety purposes. You’ll see the padlock icon without the smiley face light up on your display whenever the door is locked.

In other models, the icon could be a key or a door with a padlock. You shouldn’t confuse this with the Child Lock function, which locks the control panel along with the door.

When the Door Lock is on, do not forcefully open the washer to prevent damage to the appliance. Just wait for the cycle to end and the door will automatically unlock itself.

Signal Off

Signal Off is represented by a crossed-out speaker or bell icon on your Samsung washer. 

If this icon is lit, it means your unit is in silent mode. It turns off the alarm, power-off melody, and completion melody.

However, it doesn’t affect other default sounds on your washer. For instance, you’ll still hear the sounds when you press the buttons on the control panel. 

To turn off the alarm sounds on your washer, press and hold the Spin and Options buttons until the icon lights up. You can turn the alarm sounds back on by simultaneously pressing the same buttons on the control panel.

Whether you keep the alarms on or off, your settings will remain unchanged even if you restart your washer.

Pure Cycle or Self-Clean

A sparkly drum icon represents the Pure Cycle or Self-Clean function. If you see the icon, it’s time to give your washer a deep cleanse. 

The Pure Cycle icon will usually show up after 40 washes on a front-load washer, but it may vary depending on the size of your unit. On a top-load model, it may only take about 20 washes.

Although you don’t have to run a cleaning cycle immediately, we recommend performing one at your earliest convenience. Just press the Self-Clean button and the Start button to confirm.

Designed to prevent mold, this function can clean the areas that are prone to moisture and residue build-up. It can cover the areas that a normal cycle is unable to.

It cleans the interior of your washer by filling the tub with water to loosen the build-up of dirt. Then, the drum spins at a high speed to remove hardened grime and gunk.

Your washer must be empty when you run a self-cleaning cycle. You also don’t need to add bleach or other cleaning products. 

Top-load Samsung washers only take about an hour to finish a self-cleaning cycle. However, front-load models may take up to four hours to complete a single cycle.

Even if you don’t run 20-40 laundry cycles in a month, we recommend using the Self-Clean function once monthly. It prevents funky smells and mold from growing in hard-to-reach areas of your washer.

Smart Control

The Smart Control indicator looks like a WiFi signal on your Samsung washer display. When it is activated, your unit is connected to both the home WiFi and the SmartThings app.

Along with SmartThings, the Smart Control function lets you set the laundry cycles on your washing machine from your phone. For instance, you can open the Laundy Planner on the SmartThings app to determine when you want a wash cycle to end.

When Smart Control is activated on your washer, you can also use SmartThings to monitor the progress of a wash cycle. From the app, you’ll see what type of cycle is running, how long it’s going to run, and what time it’s going to end.

By default, your washer automatically turns off the Smart Control function when the door is open or when a cycle ends. However, you can keep it active by turning on the Stay Connect settings on the SmartThings app.

Rinse and Extra Rinse

The Rinse or Extra Rinse icon looks like a basin full of water with the plus (+) sign on top. 

You can turn it on to add extra time to the rinse portion of the cycle to remove laundry additives and fragrances from your clothes.

Time Remaining

The hourglass icon on your Samsung washer indicates that a timed cycle is currently in progress. It appears along with the Delay Start or End Timer icon.

You will also see a number on your display, which reflects the time left to complete the cycle.


The Steam icon looks like two clouds on your display. 

If you have a tough stain you want to remove from your clothes, you can turn on the Steam function to give your laundry a deep clean. Just tap the Steam button and push Start until the cycle begins.

Once activated, steam is released in the drum to help break down dirt and grime on your clothes. It opens up the fibers of your clothing, allowing stains to come off easily.

On your Samsung washer, you can use this function along with the Normal, Bedding, Whites, Bedding, and Sanitize cycles. You can customize the settings, such as the soil level, number of rinses, water temperature, and spin speed of the cycle.

Interior Lamp

If the interior lamp of your Samsung washer is on, you’ll see a tiny light bulb icon on your display. The interior lamp automatically turns on when you power up your unit.

Quick Note:
• We recommend checking your user manual for the most accurate descriptions of the symbols on your washer model. 
• If you have lost the physical copy of your manual, go to the Samsung support website. Enter the model number of your washer on the search bar to find a digital copy of your user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the washing machine show a door lock sign?

The padlock icon indicates that the washer door is locked for safety purposes and must not be forcefully opened. It automatically locks during cycles and may stay locked after cycles if water is still in the drum.

If you see a padlock icon with a smiley face, Child Lock is on. This locks all the buttons on the control panel, except for the power button, to prevent curious hands from tampering with the wash settings.

When should I use the Steam Clean feature on my Samsung washer?

Use the Steam function of your Samsung washer to clean heavily soiled and stained clothing items. Once activated, your drum fills up with steam, fully saturating your laundry to make tough stains easier to remove.

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