How to Fix a Broken Samsung Freezer Door Handle

How to Fix a Broken Samsung Freezer Door Handle

One day you’re bringing out your favorite ice cream from the fridge when you hear a faint click as you’re opening the freezer door. You go take a look, and — oh, no, the freezer handle has fallen off!

You might think this is an unusual problem, so you’ll go give your trusted handyman a call. But before you do that — freeze!

You’ll be surprised at how commonly a Samsung freezer door handle can fall off. That’s why we’ve made a guide for it; check out the details below.

How do you fix a broken Samsung freezer door handle?

To fix a broken Samsung freezer door handle, locate the screws on the handle and loosen them up to replace it.

If your freezer door’s handle falls off and doesn’t have visible screws, attempt to return it by pushing it down on its support firmly. If the handle doesn’t latch, replace the door support.

Types of Samsung Freezer Door Handles and How to Fix Them

A Samsung freezer comes with three different door handle designs. Depending on your fridge’s model, you’ll spot visible screws that can make troubleshooting the handle easier.

Meanwhile, some models don’t have door handle screws at all. You can find more information about these types below.

Before troubleshooting your refrigerator, unplug it first for your safety.

Types of HandlesSolution
Vertical with ScrewsLoosen the screw located on the top and the bottom of the door handle.

If the handle or door support is damaged, replace it.

Screw the door handle tightly back into place. If it wobbles, call a technician for help.
Vertical without ScrewsPush the handle down and pull it towards you to remove it entirely. Check the door handle for any damage and replace it if necessary.

Also, check the lock mechanism behind the door of the freezer. If it’s not clicking in place, replace it.

Push the door handle down firmly on its mount until it locks in place. If it doesn’t, or if it stays loose after being placed back, call for service.
HorizontalCheck if your freezer door handle has a screw on either end. If it does, unscrew them and check for any damage to the door handle.

More importantly, check the door support inside the door handle for any damage. Replace the door support if necessary.

If your freezer door handle doesn’t have screws, call for service.

Vertical Door Handle with Screws

Most Samsung refrigerators have their freezer on the topmost part. This type of fridge usually has vertical door handles.

Depending on the model of your fridge, these door handles can have two sets of screws — one on the top, the other on the bottom. Or, they can be screwed in on one end only. usually from the top.

These screws only loosen with an Allen wrench, which should have come with your fridge. So check your tool kit for any sign of it before you think of buying one.

For reference, the Allen wrench you need measures 3/32″ (2.5mm).

Solution: Unscrew your freeze door handle from its mount using the Allen wrench. Check for any damage to the door handle and replace it if necessary.

Check if the lock mechanism on the freezer door is working properly. There should be a soft click when you close the freezer door to indicate that it’s latched firmly.

If the lock mechanism is damaged, replace it.

To place the handle back on the door, align it along its mount and screw it back in place. If the handle is still loose after retightening the screws, contact a technician.

Vertical Door Handle without Visible Screws

On some refrigerator models, the door handles aren’t screwed in. Instead, they are mounted on a stud and stay in place via door support.

For handles like this, pressing down firmly on the handle latches and unlatches it. While the handle doesn’t have any screws, its door support — located inside either of the latching ends of the handle, requires screws to be accessed.

For this, you don’t need any special wrenches. A regular screwdriver will do.

Solution: Push the handle firmly in place and then pull it towards you until it loosens from its mount. Inspect it for any damages.

Check if the lock mechanism on the freezer door works properly by keeping an ear out for a soft click when you close the door. 

Also, check the door support found inside the door handle. 

If there are any damages to the handle, the door support, or the lock mechanism, replace them.

Reattach the handle by pushing it down onto its mount until it latches. If the handle remains loose, call a technician.

Horizontal Door Handles

Horizontal handles are typically used in French Door refrigerators. Those are the kind of fridges with a drawer-type freezer placed on the bottom part of the fridge.

Unlike vertical handles, horizontal ones aren’t connected directly to the door’s locking mechanism or the door itself. Instead, they are attached to a spring-loaded mount that helps open the door.

On models where horizontal handles have no visible screws, you should immediately call for service when the handle comes loose or falls off.

Solution: Unscrew the door handle and check for any damage. Screws on horizontal handles are located below either end.

Check for damage to the lock support as well. Replace it if necessary.

Inspect the mounts for any damage or loose springs and have them replaced if necessary.

To reattach a horizontal handle on the door, simply push it down onto its stud until it latches. If it uses any screws, ensure that it’s screwed tightly in place.

If your fridge model has end caps on the door, which you can find on top of each end of the handle, open them up to inspect the door handle hinges. These are accessed by unscrewing the door handle from the end cap.

Check the door handle hinges for any wear and tear or damages, and replace them if necessary.

A loose freezer door handle is typically caused by improper installation. 

The best way to repair a broken door handle is often to replace it with a new one. In more drastic cases, you’ll have to replace the entire freezer door.

Unlike other parts of your fridge, however, door handle replacement doesn’t involve complicated wiring, so it’s safe to troubleshoot it on your own even if you aren’t too handy.

But if you’re still having a difficult time figuring out how to latch and unlatch certain elements of the door handle, don’t hesitate to call for service.

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