Maytag MDB7959SKZ Dishwasher Review

Maytag MDB7959SKZ Dishwasher Review

Maytag has been making appliances since the early 1900s, producing some of the most reliable and affordable dishwashers on the market. 

One such example is the Maytag MDB7959SKZ, which is great for budget-conscious households looking for fuss-free cleaning. Due to its simple design and limited features, It’s not for tech-savvy consumers looking for the newest smart capabilities.

Bosch also has great budget-friendly dishwashers but you might like the Maytag MDB7959SKZ more for its stainless steel tub, which is quite a rare feature to have within its price range.

Keep reading to learn more about it.

How We Reviewed the Maytag MDB7959SKZ

Assessing the value of a dishwasher is easier said than done. We all want to know if we can get our money’s worth after making the purchase, but that can be tricky to figure out.

Not to worry, that’s what we’re here for.

At ApplianceGeeked, we’ve spent weeks researching Maytag’s MDB7959SKZ dishwasher so you don’t have to. We sorted through all the clutter and took note of all the essentials to bring you everything you need to know in this guide.

We do not own a machine. We also did not perform actual tests on the dishwasher for our evaluation.

Instead, we reviewed customer testimonials and ratings from Best Buy, AJ Madison, and other appliance retailers to assess the dishwasher’s performance, range of operations, loading flexibility, and reliability.

In our evaluation, we also relied on data from independent reviews conducted by Dishwasher XP and Top Ten Reviews to gauge how well the dishwasher performs in comparison to other similar-priced models.

Maytag MDB7959SKZ Specs

Dimensions33-5/8” x 23-7/8” x 26-3/4”
Net Weight105 lbs.
Noise Level50 dBA
Wash CyclesAuto, Normal, PowerBlast, Quick, and Rinse
Cycle OptionsHigh Temp, Sani Rinse, Short Heated Dry, and Long Heated Dry
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Number of Racks2
Number of Place Settings14
Installation TypeBuilt-In
Location of ControlsTop, Hidden Controls
Energy Star CertificationYes

The Maytag MDB7959SKZ offers reliable cleaning power, ample space, and convenient features that make dishwashing less of a chore and more of an experience. 

One of its best features is the 4-blade stainless steel chopper.

It can grind larger scraps of food into tinier pieces, which is very convenient for busier households that don’t have the luxury of time to scrape the dishes. 

Combined with the Dual Power Filtration system, it can prevent the fine particles from getting recirculated back onto the dishes during wash cycles. It ensures that all of the dishes come out spotless and sparkling clean.

Another impressive feature is the Long Heated Dry option, which ensures that large loads can get thoroughly dry. It uses the dishwasher’s internal heater to raise the internal temperature and improve drying performance.

There is also a Short Heated Dry option that’s designed to remove excess moisture on the dishes. It’s a better option for cleaning small loads.

Other noteworthy features on the Maytag MDB7959SKZ include the Leak Detect system and Sani Rinse. 

Leak Detect measures and monitors the flow of water in the dishwasher then drains the tub. It’s a useful feature to have as it alerts you in the event of leakage to minimize any damage to the machine, as well as your floors.

Sani Rinse is an optional wash program that cleans dishes with high water temperatures to kill bacteria. It’s great for sanitizing baby bottles and dishwasher-safe food containers for children.

Our Overall Rating: 7.8/10

The Maytag MDB7959SKZ is an entry-level dishwasher that combines a Dual Power Filter with a 4-blade stainless steel chopper to deliver clean, spotless dishes after every wash. 

Here’s a summary of how we reviewed the Maytag MDB7959SKZ dishwasher.

Cleaning performance. To gauge the cleaning power of the dishwasher, we looked at how it was able to eliminate a variety of stains, ranging from leafy greens, starches, proteins, and sugar.

We also took into account its ability to clean a wide range of cookware and tableware on both dishwasher racks. 

Drying performance

We evaluated the dishwasher’s drying performance based on its ability to dry glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic items. We took note of the items that came out bone-dry and those that did not.

In conducting our assessment, we also looked into other factors that influence the drying performance, including the dishwasher’s drying system, rack layout, and tub material.


We assessed the dishwasher’s range of operations starting by identifying its features and functionalities. 

Then, we compared them to similar-priced dishwashers from Maytag and other brands. We relied on data from past reviews on ApplianceGeeked, as well as other independent reviews from experts. 

Loading flexibility

We scrutinized the dishwasher’s rack design to assess its loading flexibility. We identified all the adjustable features to determine the range of cookware and tableware that can fit in a single load.

Other factors that influenced our assessment include the number of place settings and the range of items that can fit in a single load.


In evaluating the reliability of the dishwasher, we mulled over reviews and ratings to determine customer satisfaction and frustrations. 

We also rated it based on the frequency of malfunctions, the warranty, and the quality of customer support from Maytag.

What do experts say?

It eliminates dried-on stains with high-powered spray jets.

Baked-on or dried-on stains don’t stand a chance against the Maytag MDB7959SKZ dishwasher’s PowerBlast cycle. It eliminates the need for soaking or scrubbing the stubborn stains off the dishes.

All users have to do is scrape what they can and load the dishes onto the racks. It saves them a lot of time and effort, which is very helpful after a long and exhausting day.

The PowerBlast cycle uses high-pressure spray jets along with high-temperature water to get rid of tough stains such as dried-on oatmeal, egg yolks, and even greasy sauces. 

However, the downside is that PowerBlast takes up to 4 hours to clean the dishes, which can increase your utility bill. It’s up to you to decide if that budget-friendly price is worth the spike in your water and power bill.

If you have a small household, it shouldn’t be a problem as the machine comes with a Quick wash cycle that can get the cleaning done in 30 minutes. It can’t handle stubborn stains like the PowerBlast cycle, but it can wash lightly soiled dishes thoroughly.

Its drying performance is quite average.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything impressive about the standard drying program of the Maytag MDB7959SKZ. The Heated Dry option can kick its drying power up a notch to improve the results—but it takes a bit of time to finish.

That includes the Long Heated Dry program. By raising the internal temperature of the dishwasher, it gets rid of any excess moisture on the dishes, especially for metal, glass, ceramic, and some plastic items.

Like most dishwasher models, it cannot fully dry plastic items. To be fair, even higher-end models that cost twice as much as this dishwasher struggle to do so.

It’s built to last.

Maytag’s MDB7959SKZ is made of sturdy, stainless steel, including its tub. It has stain-resistant properties that keep it looking sleek and stylish for years to come.

It’s strong enough to handle high temperatures without cracking. For its price, this is a great deal because most low-cost dishwashers are made of plastic, which makes them louder, less energy efficient, and not as sturdy.

Additionally, Maytag offers a 10-year limited warranty on its parts, covering the racks, chopper blade, and stainless steel tub. 

As one of the more popular brands out there, replacement parts should also be widely available and accessible. It will be easier and cheaper to get your hands on them, especially for repairs that are no longer covered by the warranty.

What do customers say?

  • Its stainless steel exterior is smudge-proof and fingerprint-resistant. It’s easy to maintain and clean.
  • Its PowerBlast cycle can deliver sparkling clean dishes after every wash but it takes a long time to do so.
  • It operates quietly. No one will lose sleep if the dishwasher runs throughout the night.
  • Its regular drying power isn’t that impressive. However, the Heated Dry function can boost its performance and deliver consistent results.
  • The end-of-cycle indicator is very convenient as it lets users know at a glance where the dishwasher is in the wash cycle.

Summary of Reviews 

The Maytag MDB7959SKZ is an inexpensive dishwasher with decent cleaning and drying capabilities. It’s a simple yet affordable solution to the labor-intensive chore of dishwashing.

Its high-quality stainless steel construction not only makes it more durable but also easier to maintain. Although it isn’t the quietest entry-level model on the market, it does operate without waking up the entire household.

Aside from its sturdy build, its 10-year warranty that covers parts like its chopper, stainless steel tub, and racks makes it a worthwhile investment for a budget-conscious household.

Pros and Cons 


  • Has a sturdy, stainless steel build
  • Has increased upper rack height
  • Cleans lightly soiled dishes in 30 minutes with the Quick cycle


  • Only has 2 racks
  • Has a high operating noise level
  • Has no culinary basket



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