How To Turn Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker On and Off 

How To Turn Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker On and Off

The latest Samsung refrigerator models are a guaranteed choice for cool beverage enjoyers — all thanks to their built-in ice maker. 

The first step in using your very own Samsung ice maker is turning it on, which lucky for you is an easy process.

But when the ice maker isn’t in use during cold winter days, you’d also want to try turning the ice maker off. 

This article will walk you through how to turn the ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator on and off as well as provide troubleshooting tips in case you run into any problems.

How to Turn On a Samsung Ice Maker

To turn your ice maker on, find the button labeled “ice maker” on your Samsung fridge. This is found on the control panel of your appliance. 

Press and hold this button for at least three seconds until the light indicator illuminates, signaling that the ice maker is operational.  

The appliance’s control panel has light indicators, showing whether the function on the device is turned on or not. 

Note that other Samsung models, such as the top mount refrigerator model, label this button “power freeze” instead of “ice maker”. These models still make use of light indicators to tell you whether or not the ice maker is on. 

How to Turn On the Ice Maker on French Door or Bottom Freezer Type Fridge

To turn on the ice maker on a French Door Samsung refrigerator, locate the power button and shut-off arm. 

Both of these can be found at the top left corner of the appliance. Press the power button then flip the arm down to turn on your ice maker. 

You will notice a panel on the right-hand side of the refrigerator door, which will indicate whether or not the ice maker is turned on or off. This will be shown through a luminescent blue light that will either say “on” or “off”. 

What to Do If the Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Turn On

If the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator won’t turn on, you can restart it by pressing the blue button in the ice maker’s internal controls located behind the ice maker compartment. 

To restart your ice maker, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate the compartment that contains the ice maker’s Interface. This is usually seen at the upper left side of the appliance. 

Step 2: Pry this compartment open carefully. 

Step 3: Once the compartment is open, locate a blue button. This blue button creates a forced restart on your appliance. 

Step 4: Once located, press that blue button until the device beeps. 

Step 5: Observe the “on” light indicator and see if it lights up.

Step 6: Wait to see if the water inlet tube fills up with water. 

Step 7: Once functioning, close the compartment shut. 

Step 8: Wait for a while to see if the ice maker works. 

How to Turn Off a Samsung Ice Maker 

To turn off the ice maker on your Samsung refrigerator, press and hold the button labeled “ice maker off” and wait until the light indicator lights up.

What to Do If the Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Turn Off

If the ice maker on your Samsung refrigerator won’t turn off, the best thing to do is unplug the entire appliance and check if there is frost build-up around the shut-off arm and control panel. 

Defrost the ice buildup and wipe the ice maker clean.

Once you plug your appliance back in, allow your ice maker to go through one ice-making cycle before pressing the “ice maker off” button. 

Refer to the light indicators to see whether it has shut off. 

See? Turning your ice maker on is as simple as a push of a button! And turning your ice maker off when no longer in use is just as easy.

With the steps above, you can easily start using your ice maker whenever you need it, and shut it off to save power too. Just be sure to check on the light indicators on your appliance, which should tell you when your ice maker is turned on or off. 

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