What’s up with the Whirlpool Cabrio uL code? [Meaning and Easy Fixes]

How to Fix Whirlpool Washer UL Code

Today’s washers are so advanced that they can now stop a wash cycle when they detect something wrong. While this function helps prevent damage, it’s also true that it’s a pain to have your wash interrupted without knowing why.

This brings us to one of Whirlpool Cabrio’s notorious problems: the uL error code. Find out what it means in this article and learn how to solve it!

What does the Whirpool washer uL code mean?

Whirlpool Cabrio’s uL code stands for “unbalanced load.” It shows up on your washer’s digital screen when the tub becomes off balance during the cycle.

This error can be caused by uneven load distribution, a damaged machine part, or even an electronic glitch.

We know you can’t wait to have a stress-free laundry day. So, without further ado, let’s break down these causes and check their solutions below. 

Reasons behind Your Whirlpool Washer’s UL Error and How to Fix Them

Here’s a helpful guide to getting rid of the Whirlpool Cabrio uL code. Go through these steps and chase your worries away one by one.

Uneven load distribution• Open your washer’s lid and check if the clothes are tangled together or pushed on one side of the tub. 
• Untangle the clothes and spread them evenly inside the tub. 
• Press the start button.
Wrong wash settings• Look at the selected wash settings and see if they match the load inside your washer.
• For starters, see if delicate wash has been set for light fabrics and if bulky wash has been set for heavier loads, like blankets and sheets. 
• Change the wash settings by simply pressing the corresponding buttons for each load type on the washer’s intuitive touch board. 
• Press the start button.
Damaged motor• Remove the load and drain your washer. Make sure it’s empty.
• Unplug your washer. 
• Lay your washer gently to its side so you can access its bottom. 
• Unscrew the cover and then the motor once you see it.
• Check if there are any cracks or other signs of damage both on its cover and the motor itself.
• If the motor is damaged, you will need to purchase a new one from a hardware store. 
• Install the new motor by screwing it securely in place. 
Broken or worn-out suspension rods• Remove the load and drain your washer. Make sure it’s empty.
• Unplug your washer. 
• Remove the screws holding your washer’s top in place. These screws can be found at the back of the machine.
• Lift and remove the entire top part of your washer. Once done, you will see a suspension rod at the machine’s four corners. 
• Remove the white plastic sockets securing the rods on their top and bottom ends by simply twisting them off. 
• Then, unhook the springs connecting the suspension rods to the tub. 
• Lay your washer gently to its side so you can access its bottom. Pull the suspension rods off.
• Replace them with new suspension rods, which can be bought from hardware stores. 
• Hook the new rods in the same place where the old rods were. Push your machine upright again.
• Secure the new suspension rods in place by connecting them to the tub in the middle using the springs you removed earlier. 
• Put the white plastic sockets back where you removed them. Then, place the machine’s top back.
Electronic glitch• Remove the washer’s load and drain the water inside.
• Reset the washer by turning it off and unplugging it from the power source.
• Let it stay disconnected for a few minutes before turning it on again. 

Fixing the uL error code can be pretty tricky. Let’s further examine each problem and solution to make troubleshooting and repairing easier.

Uneven Load Distribution

With all the spinning and tumbling happening inside the tub during a cycle, it’s not surprising to find our clothes or blankets twisted together.

However, this entanglement can cause the load to be uneven as they can stumble and stay on one side. 

When this happens, the washer detects that one side of the tub is heavier than the rest. This causes the uL error code to show up. 

Solution: We’ll have to take matters into our own hands by removing the knots and tangles. Next, distribute the clothes evenly around the tub to balance the weight.

It also helps to remove and separate some pieces of clothing that can easily get knotted, such as scarves. 

Incorrect Wash Settings 

Often, washers already have a default wash setting when they arrive and all you need to do is press start after loading. While this can be convenient, the default wash setting is unfortunately not applicable or sufficient for all load types. 

This is especially true when washing blankets, bedsheets, towels, and other heavy fabrics. If the setting is wrong, the machine won’t meet the water and power requirements, leading to an imbalance in the tub. 

It’s really quick and easy to change your wash settings. You won’t even have to remove your load, drain your water, or even reset your washer!

Solution: To change your washer’s settings, press the pause button to stop the cycle temporarily. 

Double-check the type of load you have and determine what wash setting would best suit it.

Next, press the correct wash setting button on your washer’s intuitive touch board. For instance, press the button for Delicates for light and thin clothing, such as underwear. 

After you’ve changed the wash setting, you can press start again and that’s it!

Damaged Motor

Here comes the tricky part!

If the load and wash settings are not the problem, it’s time to inspect your machine for any damaged parts. 

The first one you’ll want to inspect is the motor underneath your washer. A damaged motor can cause the tub to be uneven. 

Solution: Check the motor by laying your washer on its side to access the bottom.

Remove the cover or cap by unscrewing it using an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Once removed, you’ll see the motor inside.

Unscrew the motor to remove it for inspection. 

Watch out for any cracks on the motor and its cover. There could also be cracks in the other parts around where it’s installed. 

If you find any signs of damage, even if it’s just a hairline, then it’s time to replace your motor. You can purchase a new one in hardware stores or online shops.

To install the new motor, screw it in place and do the same with its cover. 

Flip your washer back upright and test it out!

Broken or Worn-Out Suspension Rods

Suspension rods play a huge part in keeping your tub stable and balanced. However, all that tumbling and spinning during a cycle can wear it out over time. 

One way or another, you will have to change your suspension rods.

Solution: Lift the entire top part of the washer first. You can do this by removing its screws from behind the machine. 

When the top is off, you will see the suspension rods on the corners of the washer. The next step is to detach them from the tub in the middle.

Remove the plastic caps or sockets on both ends of the rods. You will have to reach further down into the washer to remove the caps on the other end. 

Then, you will see a spring hooked to the rod and connected to the tub. Simply unhook them and set them aside for later. 

To pull the rod off, have the washer lay on its side again until the bottom is exposed. Pull the rods off and replace them with new ones. 

To install the new suspension rods, you only have to do the entire process in reverse. After putting the rods in place, pull the washer upright and put the caps and springs back in place.

Pull the washer’s top part down and screw it back. 

Electronic Glitch

Sometimes, your digital screen can glitch and show an error code even if there are no problems with the load. 

If the Whirlpool washer uL code persists even after ensuring that the machine’s settings and parts are okay, it’s best to reset your washer. 

Solution: Resetting takes only two simple steps. Start by turning your washer off and then unplugging it. 

Keep it disconnected from its power source for up to 30 minutes. This will ensure that the washer’s drained of power and has cooled down. 

Turn it back on again. Make sure to match your wash settings with the load’s amount and fabric type. 

Press the start button. 

Every problem has a solution. That’s why you shouldn’t stress too much about encountering the uL error code in your Whirlpool Cabrio. 

In fact, be glad that your machine has ways of telling you that something’s wrong with it. This way, you’re able to figure out the problem and find effective ways to solve it.

Calling professional technicians for help is also an option. Whether it’s this helpful guide or another pair of hands, any form of assistance is always welcome. 

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