5 Best Third Rack Dishwashers

Best Third Rack Dishwashers

The most recent dishwashers have three racks to provide more loading space, allowing you to fit all your dishes in a single load. Unfortunately, a third rack doesn’t guarantee better loading flexibility, convenience, and cleaning power.

Not to worry, we know the ins and outs of a wide range of dishwashers. We can help you find models that offer the extra space without sacrificing cleaning power and functionality.

Here, we rounded up the best third-rack dishwashers.

How We Picked

  • Cleaning Performance: In choosing high-performing dishwashers, we looked at their ability to clean a variety of tough stains. We also determined if they were capable of washing dishes evenly across the three racks.
  • Drying Performance: To gauge the drying performance of dishwashers, we looked closely at their ability to dry glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic items.
  • Rack Design: We assessed the capacity, flexibility, and ease of use of the dishwashers’ racks. We also took into account the size and variety of items that can fit in the racks in a single load.
  • Features: Modern dishwashers have a wide array of features, but most are passable. We took note of the features, then we determined whether they add value and improve the overall experience.
  • Noise Level: No one wants a dishwasher that keeps everyone up at night. To avoid such a nightmare, we took note of the decibel ratings and selected the units with low to moderate noise levels.
  • Value for Money: We looked at the capacity, convenience, flexibility, performance, and build quality of the dishwashers. Then, we determined if the pricing was reasonable.

Bosch SHP78CM5N

Bosch SHP78CM5N's Homepage
Dimensions23 9/16” x 33 7/8” x  23 3/4”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsAuto, Favorite, Normal, Heavy, Speed60
FeaturesRemote Start, CrystalDry Technology, PureDry Technology, PrecisionWash with PowerControl, RackMatic, Home Connect
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8.7/10


  • Quick and powerful cleaning performance
  • Spacious, adjustable racks
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Only has 5 cycles
  • No Child Lock

One of the best third-rack dishwashers on the market is Bosch’s SHP78CM5N from the 800 Series. It’s on our list because of its top-tier performance, flexibility, and functionality.

Both middle and bottom racks have foldable tines that enable you to fit bulky and oddly shaped dishes with ease. It has a flexible upper rack with foldable wings, which can hold flatware and deeper items.

Our favorite thing about this dishwasher is its incredible cleaning power. Even on its 1-hour wash cycle, it can remove the toughest stains, leaving you with sparkling clean dishes.

It only has 5 wash programs, but it shouldn’t be a drawback because it cleans so well. Now that its PowerConrol spray arm has PrecisionWash technology, it can give your dishes a deep clean no matter where they’re positioned on the racks.

Its drying performance is equally impressive and will leave your dishes bone-dry each time. Equipped with Bosch’s CrystalDry technology, it uses volcanic minerals to absorb residual moisture from the cycle and heat it up to 176°F. 

The lack of a ChildLock function could be a drawback for families with curious little children. A quick workaround is to use a safety lock for dishwashers.

Bosch’s SHP78CM5N is a total package. Best of all, it comes at a reasonable price, so you won’t have to break the bank for it. 

Customer Reviews

“My new Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher is an excellently designed product. It is very, very quiet. I really like the way the silverware is loaded on its side edge. This is a change from the past, but my household successfully made this change pleasantly and rapidly. The silverware, dishes and glasses all are coming out very clean. Drying is really good too. The door has a clean, understated elegant appearance. I installed the washer myself in the normal manner and in the normal time frame. The manuals are helpful, providing good information. I highly recommend the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher. I would glady buy it again.” Rich B., Bosch

“My new Bosch 800 Series SHP78CM5N is quite simply amazing. The look is very sleek and modern. The control panel is hidden (no children will change cycles on you). I have never had a dishwasher that holds so many dishes. We actually have to wash dishes before it is full as we need dishes again. It is exceptionally quiet. I have had to put my hand on it to be sure it is running. The absolute best thing…..we have not had one dish that needs to be rewashed. Everything is sparkling clean.” Toots, Bosch

Miele G 7566

Miele G 7566's Homepage
ModelG 7566 SCVi SF
Dimensions23 ⅝” x 33 ⅜” x 22 ½”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level41 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsNormal, China & Crystal, Pots & Pans, Economy, Energy Saver, Saniwash, Rinse & Hold, Clean Machine, Extra Quiet, Quick Intense Wash, AutoDos, Express, Extra Dry, Intense Zone, Filter, ExtraClean
FeaturesAutoDos with PowerDisk, 3D MultiFlex Cutlery Tray, Touch Steel Finish, WiFi Connectivity, EcoPower, Hot Water Connection, AutoOpen Drying
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9.2/10


  • Hot water connection
  • Has a water softener
  • LED interior lights
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Expensive
  • Tedious to load

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Miele’s high-end dishwashers. Its G 7566 model is one of the best because of its state-of-the-art features and intuitive design, which can maximize space, convenience, cleaning power, and cost savings.

Of its three racks, the cutlery tray offers the most flexibility. Its left section can be pushed to the right to create room for tall glasses and bottles in the middle rack.

Its right section can be pushed downwards to accommodate larger ladles and other cutlery. Its middle section, on the other hand, already has enough depth to fit bulkier items.

The downside to this cutlery tray is that you have to slip every single item into the available slots. It takes more time to load compared to dishwashers that use cutlery baskets.

Its middle and bottom racks aren’t as adjustable, but they keep all your dishes secure during the wash cycles, especially your cups and glasses. With silicone buffers, you won’t have to worry about scraps and chips on your glassware.

Although Miele’s G 7566 is very expensive, it’s worth investing in because it’s less prone to faults, and it’s built to last. More importantly, it can clean and dry your dishes really well.

Customer Reviews

“Love this dishwasher. Dishes come out really clean and loading is the most flexible and accommodating that I have found. I really like that the dishes come out dry and that there are many cycle options. The dishwasher is also very quiet.” – Anonymous, abt.com

“Incredibly clean dishes and the auto open feature leaves dishes truly dry and shiny.” – Anonymous, abt.com

KitchenAid KDTM404KPS

KitchenAid KDTM404KPS' Homepage
Dimensions23 7/8″ x 32 1/2″ x 26 3/4″
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level44 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsProWash, Normal, Express Wash, Tough, Rinse Only
FeaturesFreeFlex Third Rack, PrintShield Finish, Advanced Clean Water Wash System,
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Height-adjustable middle rack
  • Has two stemware holders
  • Hi-Temp wash options
  • Kosher consumer-friendly


  • Slow wash cycles

Known for its affordability, versatile loading opportunities, and reliable performance, KitchenAid’s KDTM404KPS is one of the best third-rack dishwashers out there. It certainly deserves a spot on our list.

The dishwasher has three racks that can accommodate a total of 16 place settings. What makes it different from the rest is that its third rack has angled tines that enable you to fit a variety of items like cups and bowls instead of just cutlery.

This frees up space on the middle and bottom racks for bulkier items. However, it does take away much-needed space for your flatware.

What’s more, its third rack has dedicated spray jets to optimize cleaning. It can remove the most stubborn stains using the Normal and Touch programs, but it’s just painfully slow.

Some wash cycles are too slow and often deliver below-average results. Even on the Express program, it takes over an hour to finish and can’t completely remove tough stains.

On the bright side, KitchenAid’s KDTM404KPS operates silently. No matter how long it runs, you won’t have to worry about waking up your household and our neighbors.

Customer Reviews

“I absolutely love my new Kitchenaid dishwasher. I love the three shelves. It cleans amazingly and it’s also the prettiest dishwasher I’ve ever owned.” Wells2, KitchenAid

“We replaced a 7 year old dishwasher from another brand that we were generally happy with. We had planned to stay with the same brand, but after comparing them in the store, the feel of quality and space in this KitchenAid Dishwasher was best in class.” Rob127, KitchenAid

Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ

Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ's Homepage
Dimensions23 7/8 x 33 ⅝ x 24 1/2
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings13
Noise Level47 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsHeavy, Normal, Quick Wash, Sensor Wash, and Soak & Clean
FeaturesSensor Clean, High Temperature Wash, 1-24 Hour Delay
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 7.7/10


  • Height-adjustable middle rack
  • Soil-sensing capabilities
  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish
  • Affordable price


  • Only has 13 place settings
  • Minimal features

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly third-rack dishwasher, Whirlpool’s WDT750SAKZ is a solid choice. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, but it has a sturdy stainless steel build and it consistently delivers an impressive performance at an affordable price.

Its third rack enables it to accommodate up to 30% more items than Whirlpool dishwashers with two racks. Designed to hold your cutlery, it can fit ladles and serving spoons that are too large for the cutlery basket.

Since it doesn’t have dedicated jets, you have to use it sparingly for cleaning dried-on stains. You might have to soak the heavily-stained cutlery before popping them into the tray.

Its height-adjustable middle rack can be lowered so you can fit bulky items like pots and pans. Its bottom rack has a standard design without any adjustable features, but it has enough space for other large items.

Compared to other dishwashers on our list, Whirlpool’s WDT750SAKZ has a smaller capacity with only 13 place settings. Its features are quite limited but it has enough loading opportunities to accommodate a variety of items.

More importantly, we would recommend it because its soil-sensing capabilities are impressive. Overall, it cleans and dries well for a budget-friendly dishwasher. 

Customer Reviews

“We‘ve had this dishwasher for over a month now and are really impressed. Glasses come out sparkling every time no matter how full it is. The third rack has been super useful for spatulas and silverware. Highly recommend.” Djeffe, AJ Madison

“It’s quiet and cleans dishes well. Excellent quality.” Carol, AJ Madison

Maytag MDB8959SKZ

Maytag MDB8959SKZ's Homepage
Dimensions23 ⅞” x33 ⅝” x 24 ½” 
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings15
Noise Level47 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsAuto, Normal, Quick, PowerBlast, Rinse
FeaturesDelay, High Temp, Long Heated Dry, Sani Rinse, Short Heated Dry, Leak Detect
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 7.7/10


  • Dual-power filtration
  • Has a three-piece cutlery basket
  • Affordable price


  • Dries dishes well but slow

Last but not least, Maytag’s MDB8959SKZ has earned a spot on our list because it has a third rack with a specialized wash zone. It maximizes space and optimizes the dishwasher’s cleaning power.

The third rack doesn’t just hold cutlery. It can accommodate several mugs, cups, and small bowls, freeing space on the middle and bottom racks for bulkier items.

We like that it has great organizational features, such as a utensils separator and a utility basket. Thanks to its glide rail, you can easily extend the rack for faster and easier loading.

The middle and bottom racks also have accessories that ensure better dishware organization, including a cutlery basket, stemware holders, and cup clips.

Using its dual-power filtration system, it can eliminate larger food scraps, preventing them from getting redistributed onto the plates during cycles. Surprisingly, it also dries really well for a budget-friendly dishwasher.

If you use the optional heated dry program, it adds up to an hour to the wash cycle, which is quite slow.

Still, we like Maytag’s MDB8959SKZ dishwasher because it’s affordable, and offers incredible value. 

Customer Reviews

“Very well built, great appearance, and extremely quiet! We were amazed at how great the drying cycle works compared to our old dishwasher. We also like that the tub is stainless steel and that this unit has a third rack.” Freddy, Best Buy

“This dishwasher is better than my old samsung. I love the 3rd rack which is really helpful for spoon, utensil and small glasses. Powerwash circle is very strong and multiple dry option. Good option for delay start. Good thing، noise is very less as compare to other. Looks like a scracth ressistance as well.” Waqas105, Best Buy

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