5 Best Dishwshers for Glasses

5 Best Dishwshers for Glasses

Are you struggling to eliminate the cloudiness on your wine glasses? Or are you having a hard time loading your glassware on your racks?

Whatever the problem might be, we’ve got the solution for you. After searching far and wide, we’ve found several dishwashers that can fit and clean your glassware thoroughly.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best dishwashers for glasses.

How We Picked

  • Cleaning Performance: We looked closely at the overall cleaning power of the dishwashers based on their ability to remove tough stains on a wide range of dishes, especially glassware.
  • Drying Performance: We assessed the dishwashers’ drying power by looking at their ability to fully dry glassware. We checked for streaks, spots, and other stains.
  • Features: We looked for stemware holders, tines, and wash jets that are added to optimize glassware cleaning. We also checked for additional wash and drying features that help remove streaks and spots from your glasses.
  • Rack Design and Flexibility: In assessing the rack design, we looked at its ability to accommodate different glassware items. We gave bonus points to designs that were flexible and user-friendly.
  • Noise Level: We chose dishwashers with decibel ratings ranging from 46 to 60 dBA throughout the cycle. The lower the noise level, the less likely it is to disturb the household and the neighbors.

Miele G 7366 SCVi 

Miele G 7366 SCVi's Homepage
ModelG 7366 SCVi
Dimensions23 9/16” x 33 11/16″ – 36 ¼” x 22 7/16” 
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsNormal, Pots & Pans, SaniWash, Clean Machine, QuickIntense Wash, Eco Mode, Extra Dry, Express, IntenseZone, AutoDos, Crystal & China
FeaturesQuickIntense Wash, 3D MultiFlex Cutlery Tray, AutoDos, AutoOpen Drying, DirectSensor Controls, Hot Water Connection
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9.4/10


  • Automatically dispenses detergent
  • Automatically opens the door for drying
  • Detergent has glass-protection formula
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Expensive

The Miele G 7366 is one of the best dishwashers for glassware. It not only has rack features that secure your glasses during washers but it also has wash programs that clean the most delicate items.

We like its 3D MultiFlex Tray, which has height, width, and depth-adjustable features. If you want to load stemware, you can adjust the width of the tray to accommodate the wine glasses in the upper basket.

It even has a FlexCare glass holder that cushions your items with soft silicone. It prevents glasses from getting cracked and chipped during the wash cycle.

As you can expect from a high-end dishwasher, its cleaning and drying power is exceptional. 

The China & Crystal program cleans at a temperature of 113°F(45°C), which is why it’s great for temperature-sensitive and lightly-soiled glassware. Its detergent is made with a glass-protection formula, which keeps glassware sparkling after every wash.

Thanks to the AutoOpen door drying feature, all your dishes will come out of the tub bone-dry, including glasses and hard-to-dry plastic containers. 

With a strong combination of cleaning and drying features, Miele’s G 7366 is easily one of the best dishwashers for glasses. The only con is that it costs a lot of money.

Customer Reviews

“Excellent dishwasher! Super quiet – can hardly tell it running. Delivered with all standard US hookups – installation was a breeze. Silverware rack is a great design, can handle a lot of silverware! Excellent cleaning action – no residue left on anything as yet. Auto Open feature on door at end of cycle is a very nice touch.” Paul, abt.com

“Great dishwasher. My dishes have never been cleaner. This is my second Miele, the first lasted 15 years. I got the one with AutoDos not by choice but because it was in stock. I didn’t think I cared about the small act of adding soap but it turns out it is a huge convenience that I really like. Miele makes the beat dishwashers and this is no exception.” Terri, abt.com

GE Profile PDT755SYRFS 

GE Profile PDT755SYRFS' Homepage
ModelProfile PDT755SYRFS
Dimensions23 3/4” x 34” x 24”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash Programs1 Hour Wash, Auto Sense, Heavy Wash, Light Wash, Normal Wash, Rinse and Hold (SmartHQ cycle)
FeaturesDelay Start, WiFi Connectivity, Bottle Wash Jets, UltraFresh System, Dry Boost, Microban AntiMicrobial Technology, Piranha Hard Food Disposer
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Has 4 bottle wash jets
  • Auto soil-sensing capabilities
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Struggles drying plastics
  • Not all glasses are compatible with the jets

Another dishwasher we would recommend for glassware is the GE Profile PDT755SYRFS, which is equipped with the industry’s first bottle wash feature. You can count on it to give your glassware a non-abrasive yet thorough clean.

Its upper rack is lined with four special jets that spray water and detergent on the hard-to-reach areas of tall, narrow jars and glasses. It also works well with baby bottles, travel mugs, and sports bottles.

Only specific GE Profile dishwashers have such a rack feature, and it can’t be added to other models. It comes with clips that hold the glasses in place, keeping them secure throughout the cycle.

The problem is that not all glasses and bottles are compatible with the jets. Most models have a 9” clearance, but models with adjustable upper racks have an extra 2”.

Overall, the GE Profile PDT755SYRFS is great at cleaning tough stains, especially on the Heavy cycle. It can also fully dry your dishes, including your glassware, but it does struggle to get plastic containers bone dry.

Customer Reviews

“We like the idea of the third rack. It keeps the small stuff from getting lost in the machine. It is very quiet. It’s good that there is a display, I can’t tell it’s running most of the time. It dries very well, the glasses are streak free and the dishes are dry when the operation is complete. No need to sit there with a dish towel.” TJCjr, AJ Madison

“I love how easy it is to lower the top rack when needed. The bottle jets do a thorough job. The stainless steel interior has the benefit of remaining spotless while reflecting the heat to ensure everything is dry. It is also very quiet.” WJAND, AJ Madison

KitchenAid KDTM704KPS

KitchenAid KDTM704KPS' Homepage
Dimensions23 ⅞” x 33 ⅝” x 26 ¾”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level44 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsExpress Wash, Normal, ProWash, Rinse, Tough
FeaturesFan-Enabled ProDry System, ProWash Cycle, LED Interior Lighting, PrintShield Finish
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8.4/10


  • Has LED interior lighting
  • Racks have Satin
  • Glide rails for easy loading
  • Spacious, adjustable racks


  • Expensive

The KitchenAid 704’s FreeFlex rack is one of the reasons why this dishwasher made it to our list. Spacious and flexible, this unit can accommodate a wide variety of glasses, mugs, bowls, and even silverware, which frees up underneath for larger, bulkier items.

Featuring a deep, angled design, the FreeFlex rack can fit glassware up to 6” in size. Its rotating wash jets and drying bar will ensure that every item on the rack gets thoroughly cleaned and dried.

We like that its middle rack has six stemware holders. We would recommend this dishwasher to families that love to entertain guests as it can accommodate wine glasses and other glassware in a single load.

Thanks to its advanced microfiltration system, you can clean the most delicate crystals with the dirtiest cookware. Since it’s designed to continuously remove food particles throughout the cycle, it prevents scraps from getting redistributed onto the dishes.

Another thing we really like about it is its LED interior lighting, which is something you usually see on higher-end models. With that tub lighting, you can confidently and comfortably load delicate glass items onto the racks.

It’s one of the more expensive KitchenAid dishwashers. However, it costs far less than the Miele high-end model.

Customer Reviews

“One of my criteria was to not hear the dishwasher …my delight this dishwasher accomplished that and more.  The light inside plus being able to half load added to my delight.  I set the timer to start cycle late at night to save energy, can’t hear it by morning all done. Yes the cycle on normal is long which I believe is for energy which doesn’t matter to me.  Oh the third rack …KitchenAid is best.  Geek squad installed did wonderful efficient professional install.” KarenVH, Best Buy

“This is a well designed dishwasher.  The third rack is very effective.  Its clever design works really well.  All of the features, and few wash cycles all do what they are supposed to do, clean the dishes.  Minimal, let me repeat minimal noise can be hear if you have excellent hearing.  But absolutely not at a level that should deter you from purchasing it.  I’ve owned a Bosch 800 in the past and this rivals it.  Drying methods  are different and they both have similar outcomes.  What I think I appreciate most about this dishwasher is the fact that it not a twenty-year old design that Kitchen Aid is still trying to capitalize on like most others do.  They made a few really nice design tweaks with this one.” MrEfficient, Best Buy

Bosch SHX78B75UC

Bosch SHX78B75UC's Homepage
Dimensions34 1/16″ x 23 9/16” x 22 9/16”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings15 place settings
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsAuto, Favorite, Glass, Heavy, Normal, Quick Wash 45°C, Speed 60
FeaturesRackMatic, PrecisionWash, CrystalDry, Water Softener, AquaStop Plus, Home Connect
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9.4/10


  • Smart cleaning technology
  • Built-in water softener
  • Low noise operation


  • Expensive
  • Bonus functions are only accessible through HomeConnect

Another dishwasher that you should consider is the Bosch SHX78B75UC model from the 800 Series. As you can expect from Bosch, it has exceptional cleaning and drying abilities and a great track record for reliability.

What we like the most about this dishwasher is its built-in water softener, which not all Bosch 800 dishwashers have. If you live in a hard water area, and you’re tired of seeing white streaks on your glasses, we recommend this model.

It’s quite costly compared to other Bosch dishwashers, but the extra wash programs and features are worth splurging on if you want spot-free dishes.

The water softener will remove the minerals in your hard water. It will not only keep your glassware streak-free every single time, but will also extend the lifespan of your dishwasher.

Like other Bosch dishwashers, this one has a Rinse Aid dispenser. It can help get rid of the cloudiness in your glassware and boost the drying performance.

Overall, the low decibel ratings, precision wash technology, and built-in water softener add great value to your home. We think this is a splurge-worthy dishwasher that will keep your most delicate glassware in prime condition through the years.

Customer Reviews

“I recently bought the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher and am extremely satisfied with its performance and workmanship. It is so quiet that you can hardly hear it running at all. The layout of the racks is very useful and adjustable. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in replacing an old dishwasher or for the first-time buyer of a dishwasher. You will not be disappointed.” – Waxi, Bosch


LG ADFD5448AT's Homepage
Dimensions32 1/16” x 23 ½” x 22 ½”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings14 place settings
Noise Level48 dBA
Number of Racks2
Wash ProgramsAuto, Heavy, Delicate, Normal, Turbo, Download Cycle, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express
FeaturesWiFi Connectivity, EasyRack Plus, QuadWash, Child Lock, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 7.6/10


  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • ADA-compliant
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Audible but not too loud
  • Limited space

The LG ADFD5448AT is our budget-friendly pick. If you want spotless glassware but don’t have the budget for a Miele dishwasher, this unit should serve you well.

Made with a built-in water softener, this dishwasher is great for areas with hard water supply. It can remove clouding and prevent mineral build-up, which affects not only your glassware but also your dishwasher.

One of the benefits of getting a dishwasher with a built-in softener instead of a salt reservoir is cost-efficiency. You won’t have to constantly buy granular salt to soften the water, which can save you a lot of money over time.

Compared to other dishwashers on the list, the LG ADFD5448AT has a higher decibel rating. You can heat it operating if you’re near it, but it’s not loud enough to disturb movie nights and family conversations.

It also has limited space and flexibility. Still, we think that this budget-friendly dishwasher is reliable at cleaning and drying, especially glassware.

For an affordable dishwasher, it does have cutting-edge features like WiFi connectivity. You can even connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant for remote monitoring and controls.

Customer Reviews

“This machine is incredible! Everything comes out literally spotless without any pre-wash or prep. It’s quiet and quick and quite the deal!” – RachelW, Best Buy

“This dishwasher works really well, and it’s also super quiet.  It was one of the few models that fit in my small space, so I’m glad it was as good a product as it is.” – ThomasM, Best Buy

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