5 Best Dishwashers for a Large Family

5 Best Dishwashers for a Large Family

Dishwashing can be very time-consuming and back-breaking, especially for large households. With the right dishwasher, you can get all your dishes cleaned, sanitized, and dried while you spend more time with the family.

Here at ApplianceGeeked, we can help you find a high-powered dishwasher with enough space, speed, and cleaning power.

Below, we rounded up the best dishwashers for large families.

How We Picked

  • Cleaning Performance: One of the most important factors we always look into when screening dishwashers is their cleaning power. We selected high-powered units that can clean tough stains in no time.
  • Drying Performance: Another factor that we considered was the drying power of the dishwashers. We evaluated how well they were able to dry different items, such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic.
  • Capacity: Space matters if you’re washing dishes for a large family. The average dishwasher can fit around 11 to 15 place settings, while the largest ones can hold up to 17.

For your large family, we selected dishwashers with at least 16 place settings. These units can accommodate a full set of dishes for 16 people—excluding cookware.

  • Rack Flexibility: Aside from capacity, rack flexibility is another factor we considered when we made this list. We assessed the rack designs and looked for adjustable features that enable you to fit a wide range of items.
  • Noise Level: Silence is often a luxury if you have a large household. We know that you value your quiet time so we picked dishwashers with low to moderate decibel ratings. 

Even if you run these units at night, they won’t wake up the entire household and the neighbors.


GE GDT630PYRFS' Homepage
Dimensions23 3/4” x 33 3/8”  x 24”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level50 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash Programs1 Hour Wash, Auto Sense, Heavy Wash, Normal Wash, and Rinse 
FeaturesDry Boost, Steam + Sani, Bottle Jet, Wash Zone, Autosense Wash Cycle, Active Flood Protect, Child Lock, Sabbath Mode
Tub MaterialPlastic

Our Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Spacious, flexible racks
  • Has a half-load function
  • Affordable price
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Energy Star-certified


  • Plastic tub

Bigger doesn’t always mean more expensive—at least for GE’s GDT630PYRFS dishwasher. This affordable unit is an ideal choice for large households that are working with a tight budget.

That’s what we like the most about this dishwasher: it’s incredible value for money. It has 16 place settings and enough flexibility to maximize that space.

Even when it’s fully packed, it can wash all your dishes thoroughly. We like that it has bottle jets on the upper rack that direct water and detergent into the hard-to-reach areas of tall jars and containers.

We also like that it gives you the option to clean a half-load using the bottom or upper rack. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

As you can expect from a budget-friendly dishwasher, it has a plastic tub, which isn’t as long-lasting and as quiet as stainless steel variants. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can extend the longevity of your dishwasher.

It might be a little louder than other dishwashers on the list. Still, it’s quiet enough to operate without waking up all your children at night.

Customer Reviews

“This is the ultimate quiet machine! I am so pleased with how efficient this works and the silverware drawer is wonderful! The quality GE has shown me in the past is even better in my new one!” Carol Avid Reader, AJ Madison

“The dishwasher cleans the dishes just fine. Nice and quiet. Pleased with purchase.” Nailatiwe, AJ Madison

Bosch SHPM78Z55N

Bosch SHPM78Z55N's Homepage
Dimensions23 9/16” x 33 7/8 x 23 3/4”  
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level42 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsAuto, Glass, Heavy, Normal, Rinse, Speed60
FeaturesCrystalDry, EasyGlide, AquaStop, FlexSpace Tines, 24-Hour Delay Start, InfoLight 
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9/10


  • Quiet operation
  • Strong cleaning power
  • Reliable drying power
  • Fast cleaning performance


  • No Home Connect function
  • No Child Lock

Bosch has always been one of our favorite dishwasher brands because of their strong cleaning performance and reasonable pricing. For large families, we recommend the SHPM78Z55N from the 800 Series.

With 16 place settings and 3 flexible racks, it can fit a wide range of dishes in a single load. Each rack has foldable tines that enable you to create more space for bulkier items like pots and pans.

A lot of Bosch dishwashers have WiFi connectivity, but this unit somehow doesn’t. If it had such a feature, you would’ve been able to use the Home Connect app to monitor the wash progress and control the appliance remotely.

Although it’s a nice option to have, it isn’t necessary. After all, it doesn’t affect the cleaning performance of the dishwasher.

Even without it, you can expect sparkling clean dishes after every wash. Thanks to Bosch’s CrystalDry technology, your items, including plastics, will come out bone dry.

Another possible drawback is its lack of a Child Lock feature, which prevents curious little hands from interrupting an ongoing cycle. For families with older children who know better, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Overall, we think that the features, capacity, and flexibility of this unit outweigh such a small flaw in the design. If you are interested in Bosch’s SHPM78Z55N, the best solution to this is to get a dishwasher lock. 

Customer Reviews

“We love our Bosch dishwasher.  All the interior baskets/rollouts are very handy.  We love the 3rd rack at the top for utensils, knives, measuring cups, etc.  This dishwasher is very quiet and does an excellent job of cleaning and drying the dishes.” Switzig, BestBuy

“This is the best dishwasher I’ve ever owned it’s cleans your dishes just like they promised no more scrubbing dried on tomato sauce or even cooked on bacon the red light on the floor is to let you know the dishwasher is running it’s super quiet.” DarrinP, BestBuy

KitchenAid KDTM404KPS

KitchenAid KDTM404KPS' Homepage
Dimensions23 ⅞” x 33 ⅝” x 26 ¾”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level44 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsProWash™, Tough, Normal, Express Wash, and Rinse 
FeaturesFreeFlex Third Rack, ProWash Cycle, PrintShield Finish, SatinGlide Rails, 
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8.8/10


  • Fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Two stemware holders
  • Kosher Consumer-Friendly


  • Long wash cycles
  • No Child Lock

Another great dishwasher for large families is KitchenAid’s KDTM404KPS. There are three reasons why we like this unit.

First, it has KitchenAid’s FreeFlex third rack. It features a deep, angled design that can hold mugs, bowls, and saucers up to 6”. 

We like that it comes with other accessories, such as a removable utensil tray and a drying bar that helps remove moisture from the dishes. The rack even has rotating wash jets that can get into those hard-to-reach places and blast away dirt.

Second, it has an adjustable middle rack. You can lower the rack to accommodate tall, bulky items, including Dutch ovens, roasting pans, and serving bowls.

If you enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, you can wash your glasses safely in the dishwasher. It has two stemware holders that will keep them secure during wash cycles, preventing breakage.

Third, it has reliable cleaning and drying power. You won’t have to worry about rewashing or towel-drying your dishes.

Wash cycles take quite a long time compared to other similar-priced units from other brands. However, the results are always worth the wait because the dishwasher can get rid of the most stubborn stains and dry your dishes thoroughly.

Customer Reviews

“I really am enjoying my new 2 month old dishwasher by KitchenAid. It definitely can hold more items compared to my 6 year old GE dishwasher which had broken down. The adjustable rack is convenient when washing tall glasses or sports bottles. The third rack is especially convenient for glasses and cooking utensils. The only con that I have encountered thus far is that I find streak marks on my glasses. Perhaps it could be due to the brand of dishwasher pack. I am going to switch brands as it had happened in my previous dishwasher.” StefL, KitchenAid

“I love love love this dishwasher! That third rack is a game-changer. I’m so impressed by how much actually fits on it. The dishwasher is also so quiet, and high means I don’t have to wait to run it at night. So good!” Nikelfish, KitchenAid


GE PDT715SBNTS' Homepage
Dimensions23 3/4” x 34” x24”
Installation TypeBuilt-Under
Place Settings16
Noise Level45 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash Programs1 Hour Wash, Auto Sense, Heavy Wash, Light Wash, Normal Wash
FeaturesHard Food Disposer, Stream PreWash, 12-Hour Delay Start, Dry Boost with Fan Assist-Dry, Active Flood Protect, Child Lock, Sabbath Mode
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Has a hard food disposer
  • Has a Child Lock function
  • Multiple drying programs
  • Energy Star Qualified


  • Some cycles struggle to remove stubborn stains

GE’s PDT715SBNTS has earned a spot on our list because of its large capacity, adjustable rack design, and powerful wash performance. It’s also packed with a variety of features for additional convenience.

What we like the most about this dishwasher is its flexibility. Its upper rack features GE’s SmoothGlide technology, which has 48 ball bearings that enable you to extend the rack smoothly—even with a heavy load.

What’s more, it has four bottle jets that can give tall bottles and narrow jars a deep clean by spraying water and detergent into those hard-to-reach areas.

Its lower rack is just as impressive with multi-position foldable tines that you can adjust into three different positions to fit various items. It also has a user-friendly design, allowing better organization, faster loading, and hassle-free maintenance.

Its third rack, on the other hand, is designed to accommodate lids, silverware, spatulas, and other small items.

The GE PDT715SBNTS can take care of most stains on the Normal wash cycle, but it struggles to remove plant fibers. If your family makes purees, smoothies, or juices, it could be a little frustrating.

Overall, we think the dishwasher could be a useful addition to large households. Its intuitive design and convenient features will help you a lot if you have a big family to take care of.

Customer Reviews

“We love GE and this product! The space and third rack is a big reason we love this dishwasher.” Mitchg43, GE

“I like the top shelf for oversized utensils, the flatware separator and the amount of interior space.” Suzchef, GE

Miele G 7516 SCi XXL

Miele G 7516 SCi XXL's Homepage
ModelG 7516 SCi XXL
Dimensions23 9/16” x  x 22 7/16”
Installation TypeBuilt-Unde
Place Settings16
Noise Level40 dBA
Number of Racks3
Wash ProgramsNormal, Pots & Pans, Economy, SaniWash, Rinse & Hold, China & Crystal, 
FeaturesExtraComfort Baskets, 3D MultiFlex Cutlery Tray, AutoDos, WiFi Connectivity, BrilliantLight
Tub MaterialStainless Steel

Our Overall Rating: 9.6/10


  • Automatically dispenses detergent
  • Automatically opens the door for better drying
  • Quiet operation
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Energy Star’s Most Efficient


  • Expensive

Another dishwasher that can make clean-ups easier for large families is Miele’s G 7516 SCi XXL. If you’re looking to splurge on a high-end dishwasher with state-of-the-art features, this is worth checking out.

With 16 place settings and 3 adjustable racks, it can fit all your family’s dishes in a single load. By combining the 3D MultiFlex Tray with the ExtraComfort Baskets, it can ensure stress-free loading each time.

The Miele G 7516 SCi XXL is a luxury dishwasher with a pretty hefty price tag. If you’re working with a tight budget, this unit isn’t the right choice for the family.

However, if you’re looking to invest in a high-powered dishwasher that can last years, it won’t disappoint. Some of the top-tier features that we like include the EcoPower technology, AutoDos, and AutoOpen Drying.

Its spray arms and jets are cleverly designed to optimize cleaning and maximize energy savings. It can remove the toughest stains while helping you conserve more water and energy.

We also like the one-of-a-kind AutoDos technology. This automatic soap dispensing system can drop the right amount of detergent at the right time to boost the results.

With the G 7516 SCi XXL, your dishes are not only clean but also bone-dry because of Miele’s AutoOpen Drying function.

Customer Reviews

“Very quiet with ,many options to conserve energy and water. The end result is great, spotless glasses and perfectly clean cutlery and dishes.” Don, abt.com

“Love it ! Cleans beautifully and dries everything without a drop of water! I recommend it!” Joan, abt.com

The best dishwashers for large families can be total game changers. Any of these units can free you from such a mundane chore so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for other options for your household, we’ve also rounded up the most efficient dishwashers (Most Efficient Dishwashers) and the best budget dishwashers (Best Budget Dishwashers) at ApplianceGeeked.

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